As mobile plans become more dynamic, fewer users are prepared to commit to long term (24 month) contracts to get their hands on high end phones. To that end, Vodafone is introducing Monthly Payment Plans (MPP), allowing customers to spread payments for phones over 6, 12, 18, 24 or 36-months interest free.

Speaking about the new payment plans, Director of Sales, Ben McIntosh said

Vodafone is committed to putting our most popular smartphones within reach of customers. With many popular smartphones costing more than $1000 when purchasing outright, we believe many customers will welcome the choice to spread the cost of their new phone over a period of time rather than upfront.

There are the usual complexities of contracting to a carrier involved, so it is worth your time to read thoroughly before you leap into it but if you’re a Vodafone customer, or are willing to take out a 1 month SIM only to get your hands on that flagship you can’t afford outright it’s likely worth your time to check it out.

The introduction of MPP is another in the long list of steps that Vodafone has been taking to improve their offerings for customers. Their Red International roaming options, which offer all your usual monthly inclusions when travelling overseas for just $5 extra per day is amazing (We used it in Germany for our IFA coverage), as well as their improved 3G and 4G networks are reason enough to try them out and you can try them out for 30 days with their trial period.

Getting your hands on a flagship phone with options between 6-36 months interest free is a great deal for customers, head into your Vodafone store for more information.

Source: Vodafone PR.
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Anthony Jackson

they had mpp for years i been with voda since 2008 and i been getting alot of new phones this way

Dicky See

I think it’s a good idea, my nexus one was on a $49 voda cap, then my galaxy nexus was on a $29 voda cap. But when I went to upgrade with voda I couldn’t afford it because their plans were closer to $80 a month at the time. I’m now with boost on an outright nexus 4.


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