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If you play online games and have ever lost an account to a hacker, you’ll know the pain, and this is especially so if its a game like World of Warcraft or Diablo III where you can literally spend hundreds of hours building your character, their skills and equipment cache. One solution to this on Blizzard’s online community is the authenticator app which adds 2 factor authentication, much the same way that other major web based services such as Gmail, Twitter and Facebook have.

Sadly; the authenticator app has been badly neglected for some time and is aesthetically something resembling a disaster. But the update that dropped a couple of days ago for this had updated the look and feel of the application for users. Authenticator new

It may only be a cosmetic update, but as a regular user of the app it shows the commitment of Blizzard to keeping their user facing software up to date.

What other badly neglected software have you seen updated lately?

Source: Play Store.
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    Stephen Crisafulli

    I never got why they have to be special and use an extremely annoying 8 N code so you can’t use a standard app like google auth


    I would argue the update hasn’t improved the app in the slightest. Removing the widget was stupid, I don’t care about the artwork, all I want is the code so that I can log into my account, and a widget is perfect for that.