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PayPal’s newest mobile card reader, the Tap n Go mobile payments device is now available from your local Officeworks store and online for $149.

The new PayPal Tap n Go mobile card reader, was announced during this years MWC events and is the next rendition of its current mobile payments device but it has been updated to now offer NFC enabled mobile payments from associated credit/debit cards along with NFC enabled smartphone and tablets.

To assist with the launch of the new PayPal Tap n Go mobile payments device, Officeworks has partnered with PayPal to release a trio of YouTube video to show how the new mobile payments device works which you can watch below:

PayPal Tap n Go Mobile Card Reader – How to Pair

PayPal Tap n Go Mobile Card Reader – Contactless

PayPal Tap n Go Mobile Card Reader – Chip & Pin

The PayPal Tap n Go mobile payments card reader is now available from your local Officeworks store or through the Officeworks website for $149. Of course the original PayPal Here that sadly does lack NFC payments but can still take Chip and normal EFTPOS payments is also available through your local Officeworks store or the Officeworks website for $99 as well.

Source: Officeworks - PayPal Tap n Go Mobile Payments Device.
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I’m back…. If anyone is after one of these, they should look at the MYOB PayDirect unit. Its the same unit as the paypal one, BUT they have a slightly lower credit card transaction fee, and handle EFTPOS for flat 27c per payment.

Would post link, but it will be blocked. So google for MYOB PayDirect, you’ll find it.

Anthony Tam

The MYOB PayDirect Reader costs $225 as of this post. So I think the PayPal Tap n Go is the better solution, at least for the shorter term.


Yes its a bit more than the paypal one. Its $225 ex GST, so nearly $250. But it really depends on the amount and type of transactions you do.

The lower transaction fee for credit cards and the flat rate EFTPOS fee (paypal doesn’t have this option, but treat everything as credit card transaction), you would make up the extra cost of the reader in no time.

But if you only do a few transactions a month, then the paypal would be cheaper. Best to do some figures, higher running costs vs higher upfront costs.


Paypal fees don’t seem too bad either…. Compared to other low volume mobile eftpos machines that is. Heck its even cheaper to receive money via this than when using paypal to receive money on ebay sales!

One off payment for the hardware and no monthly fees, then 1.95% for transactions through the card reader.

Strangely they charge more if you do payment via a invoice?

Anyhow full fees are on the paypal website. I did post a link, but links are evil and the comment was flagged for review, which never happens here 🙁


I’ll fix that.


Thank you!!!