Boost Mobile today announced that they’ll be able to offer customers access to Telstra’s 4G network from 12.00am on September 29.

Prices will not be affected by the change, with Boost’s $20 ULTRA and $40 UNLTD price points remaining in place with the same allowances (unlimited text/MMS, 100 minutes talk and 1GB data at $20; unlimited talk/text/MMS and 3GB data on $40).

Between September 29 and October 26, customers going for the $40 recharge will also get an extra 1GB of data every Sunday – that’s on top of the existing 1GB Sunday bonus already on offer, so you could end up with 11GB data throughout the month.

What do you think of Boost’s move to 4G? Tell us in the comments.

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Still hard to pass up the new freedom plus plan from telstra. For 40 bucks you get 3gb plus you have $40 each month to spend on the play store… and credit rolls over for one month as well.

Reptilian Hunter



Ah, just switched from Boost to Yantango, to get 4G. Yantango is still $10 cheaper, but you get less data, and they use Optus.

One weird thing with Boost was my Nexus 6 would often lose signal (in Sydney CBD), with Yantango, I’ve not seen this happen.


You must be on an old plan. Current unlimited offer is $39.90 with 4 Gig of data.


Yep, Yatango unlimited is only $29 but only get 1.5gig.


4G IS AVAILABLE IN ALL CAPITAL CBDS AND ASSOCIATED AIRPORTS, MOST SURROUNDING SUBURBAN AREAS AND IN OVER 600 REGIONAL AREAS. Boost offers 3G and 4G services, with typical download speeds of 2-50Mbps for 4G devices in 4G areas (not full 4GX data speeds) and 3G speeds in other coverage areas. Speeds vary for reasons like local conditions, device and content. For 4G coverage and more info see boost Recharge inclusions expire on next recharge or recharge expiry date, whichever is earlier. Boost Mobile ULTRA™ and UNLTD® offers excludes some use such as: talk/text/MMS to international, satellite, premium numbers (eg. 19xx… Read more »

Brad Hook

Wish I wasn’t in a contract right now.


Hmmm, I’m currently paying $39/month with Virgin on the Optus network with 2GB of data. Being able to swap to a $40 Boost plan using 4G on the Telstra network with an additional 1GB of data per month (ignoring the Sunday bonuses) is a deal too good to pass up.


I wonder if Telstra will match the deal on the BYO plan i have.


4G news nowhere to be found on Boost website. Where is it?


Should be a big banner on their homepage. Can’t post links here though, sorry.

Reptilian Hunter

A txt was sent from boost to my phone.Its real.

Michael Reville

So good! Time to get a 4g phone, and happens to coincide with the nexus announcements..


I moved to Boost after the Kogan crash and ported over 3 existing numbers for 3 different family phones, have upgraded and swapped around phones requiring different sized SIMs from Boost and throughout I’ve not had a single problem with them that hasn’t been swiftly resolved. The additional Sunday Gig of data has been a boon to my teenage daughter who spends most of her Sundays away from the home wifi. The move to 4G with no change to pricing just puts the icing on the cake!


Hmmm, interesting. On Yantango at the moment and only paying $22 a month for ‘enough’ minutes/texts and 2GB of data (which I end up close to or over). Paying $40 for Telstra network though might be worth it to move from Optus and getting a little extra data.


Yatango currently have unlimited voice and 4Gig of Data on the Optus Network for $39.90. Same price for an extra Gig….

Jamie S

I’m on the month to month Optus sim only plan with Unlimited talk, text and mms with 8GB of data for $50 a month (online sign up only)


Yeah, but getting off the Optus network would be the main reason. At my house I get 1, maybe 2 bars of signal (about 4-5km from Brisbane CDB).


Great news!!!!

Michael Manning

Awesome! Can’t wait 🙂