Facebook has overnight flicked the switch which enables notifications to be sent through the Chrome for Android browser. Instead of having the Facebook app installed, which some people prefer, users can simply use their mobile Chrome browser to access Facebook and still receive notifications without needing to log in each time.

The move from Facebook to enable notifications to be sent through Chrome comes after Google announced the planned feature back in Spring. For notifications to be activated through Chrome for Android, each time you log in to Facebook’s site through Chrome for Android’s mobile browser, you’ll be asked if you’d like to receive notifications (or not).

We all know that web notifications are becoming an important tool for sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ along with other content providers to add a new and additional way to reach us users without requirement to install an app.

As stated, this feature has now been switched on (or not – it’s your choice) for Chrome for Android and you can now trial this new feature out for yourself.

Source: TechCrunch.
Via: Engadget.
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Max Luong

It also goes to your Android Wear watch with the user’s profile pic as the background of the notification. Pretty snazzy.

Although, I thought I’d escaped Facebook notifications when I uninstalled the app…. 😀


This is a pretty awesome change. I hate the official Facebook app, it takes up too much space on my devices, and devours battery life and my mobile data allowance. I have used the mobile Facebook site for years, but the only drawback has been the lack of notifications… Until now…

Now Chrome can do it, I wonder whether Facebook “wrapper” apps like Tinfoil for Facebook will incorporate notifications at any stage?

Will Dutton

yeah thats been working for me for a couple of weeks. Can’t be sure but i think its affecting my standby battery drain


Speaking of Facebook, has anyone else noticed a brand new UI on tablets? I’m not kidding either. My Nexus 7 has a new UI and I’m not in the beta program. I’m wondering whether it was a server side switch or part of an update.


I’ve noticed you can swipe between comments on the news feed