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Exclusive: Vodafone to offer Moto X Style and Moto X Play for outright purchase


Ausdroid has heard your feedback loud, very loud, and very clear. In our coverage of Motorola’s 2015 range, including the Moto G 3rd Gen, Moto X Play and Moto X Style, your feedback has been overwhelming. We’ve had over 175 comments across our recent coverage, and that tells us something. You guys are pretty damned excited about what Motorola’s offering, and that’s a good thing; we’re excited about it too.

We’ve also heard your feedback that you don’t like the idea of Vodafone’s exclusive on the handsets, and not being able to buy them outright. That feedback has come through comments on our articles, discussions on social media, and comments on Google+.

We’ve been talking to Motorola, and Vodafone, and talking to them a lot in the last couple of days. I’ll cut to the chase. Our advocacy, your demand for these phones, and Vodafone’s genuine desire to do the right thing by customers has come to a head, and we’re happy to announce this:

From today, and until close of business on Tuesday 29 September, you can buy both the Moto X Play and Moto X Style, outright, from any Vodafone store (provided they’ve got them in stock). The Moto X Play will be available outright for $528, and the Moto X Style available for $792.

This instruction has come from head office and has gone to all front-line staff, so there should be no issues. If you want either phone, pop into a Vodafone store and tell them you’d like to buy it outright. Show them a copy of this article if needs be, and walk out with your new Moto.

Will this development see you buying a Moto X Style or Play from a Vodafone store? Please let us know in the comments.


Chris Rowland   Editor and Publisher

Chris has been at the forefront of smartphone reporting in Australia since smartphones were a thing, and has used mobile phones since they came with giant lead-acid batteries that were "transportable" and were carried in a shoulder bag. He saw the transition from AMPS to GSM, loved the Motorola StarTac, and got into Palm technologies in a big way. The arrival some years later of the original iPhone, and then the early Androids, awoke a new interest in mobile technology, and Chris has been writing about it since.

Today, Chris publishes one of Australia's most popular technology websites, Ausdroid. His interests include mobile (of course), as well as connected technology and how it can make all our lives easier.


  1. Kogan have the
    Motorola Moto X Play 4G LTE XT1562 (16GB, Black)
    for $499. I not sure if its the same?

  2. Adam Malcontenti-Wilson

    Seems I missed out, anyone know any stores that are still selling it outright? Seems like the only places I can find are a fair bit more expensive closer to the $820 mark.

  3. Hello, I wrote to Motorola yesterday because I am not happy with the way some of you have been treated by Vodafone. Motorola’s reply says, ” the Moto X Style & Moto X Play is only available with Vodafone at the moment but definitely, the outright model will be available soon in the market with our partner retailers in Australia. We were informed that the Moto X Style & Moto X Play will be released this coming October, however we can’t confirm the exact date. So nothing to worry about because we will be releasing a Moto X Play & Moto X Style unlock phone that can be used with different carrier in Australia.” So no worries it would seem, if you really don’t want to deal with Vodafone, then you don’t have long to wait because October is just around the corner, though I’m still going to wait for the Moto X Force.

  4. I went to Cannington Vodafone and they did not allow me to purchase the phone outright… until I showed them this article. Thanks to this article I was able to purchase my new Moto X style. Cheers Ausdroid

  5. Picked up the Black Style from Inalloo in WA outright after a little talking with the staff as they weren’t aware of the story from the start. Also Whitfords and Perth City had stock when last I checked and are more than happy to sell. Both the Style and Play outright. So far in WA the message has come through pretty well.

  6. hey does anyone know if the vodafone store in the macquarie centre sydney has stock? Ive been to the three closest stores to me and all of them have had no demo models and refused to sell one t me outright even if i showed them the article.

  7. Hey guys – I know it’s not the post that we’re talking about it, but it’s all Moto I guess – anyone know what’s going on with the Moto G? We’re now outside of the “Mid September” window and my mum is killing me to organise her new phone and I can’t keep telling her to keep waiting! Hahaha!

  8. I went to the Vodafone store in Parramatta to make my purchase, they denied this story. And I was told this was a false info and they have been advised by their management that even in the near future this is not gonna change.

  9. For anyone living on the Gold Coat, I just got X Style outright from Vodaphone in Robina Town Center. They said they weren’t selling it outright until I showed them this article and they changed their minds.

    They only seem to have the black one, but its better than nothing.

  10. Hi all, I’m excited that this topic is trending. I’ve been into a couple of different Canberra stores and the George St Sydney store, and nobody seems to have stock of the white/bamboo model. There’s also a fair bit of confusion – one salesperson at Belconnen told me on the phone she can order it in for me, another I spoke to this morning said she can’t. I’m really surprised and disappointed at Motorola particularly over this botched launch.

    I’d love to buy a white/bamboo model outright, but I can’t do it on the website, and none of the stores near me have any stock (and there’s confusion about whether or not they can even order it).

    Does anyone have an answer for me? I had the previous Moto X 2014 through moto-maker in the US, and brought back here by a friend for me. That’s how much I love these phones.

  11. I went to the store in Woden, ACT again. The phones were finally there, but no working demos and the guy simply refused to sell it outright.

  12. I got my X Play yesterday from TTP in Adelaide. Both the stores there knew were happy to sell it outright. The first one I went to in the hope of getting some hands on time with real one needed to just check to make sure they could do it which they could. They did however not have any demo units and suggested I go to DSE to see if they had one. I went there and they still do not even have the models in their system so it would seem these Motos are not getting to the 3rd party retailers.

    I went to the other Vodafone store to see out of interest if they were ok to sell outright too and the sales assistant was more than happy to sell it strait away. All she did was go to her computer to just check the price and was good to go.

    I did not ask about the styles at either stores but I would guess they had some. I am not sure there was any choice in colour for my Play too.

    So far the phone is a very nice upgrade for me.

  13. The Moto X Play will be heading to retail, the Moto X Style is definitely a Vodafone only exclusive. Whatever the Moto Mobility support staff said isn’t coming unfortunately.

    We spoke with the management at Motorola vs the front line staff at Moto Mobility support staff

  14. Bought a Moto X style from Vodafone Knox Shopping centre in Melbourne. Guy thought I was a bit weird but no questions ask and they put it through. They had a few in stock but I was only asking about the black. So far loving this phone. The phone comes with a turbo charger (12v), a usb cable, a pair of headphones and a clear not very good bumper.

    • Just wanted to comment about my choice of pulling the trigger on this phone. I am absolutely loving this phone. Such a massive upgrade from the Nexus 5.

      Downsides are it is big and hard to handle compared to the Nexus 5, but no different to almost every flagship except the S6. It is heavy which makes it easy to drop of your trying to use it one handed.

      But coming from the Nexus 5 it is absolutely lovely to see how together all the features are. Moto assist, Moto Actions, Moto voice, and Moto Display are all awesome! I love the fact that I can easily make a call without touching the phone AND it automatically puts it on loudspeaker if I am driving. As far as I know this is the only phone that does this.

      I do miss Qi charging but I will get over it with turbo charging. Battery does not look to be amazing. No Sony magic here. But a big jump from my Nexus 5.

      Do I regret pulling the trigger before the Nexus 5 comes out. No. I really cant see how the Nexus 5 will entice me from this phone. No chance. My only regret/wish would be to use Moto Maker. An oak wood back with a blue accent would have been awesome.

      • Hey mate, thanks for the feedback.

        I’ll be upgrading from a Nexus 5 also, so this info is invaluable to me.

        I’d love to know how it all works for you after a week of use? Particularly in regards to charging and everyday use. How does it feel in the hand? How does it feel in the pocket?

        Have you gotten used to the size?

        • I probably cant sum up that well yet. But here is a few things. Like I is said before Moto features are awesome! Way better than any 3rd party app on the play store. One thing is there is no Moto Connect Chrome extension to write sms from a desktop browser, looks like Motorola is killing this feature off. But everyone says PushBullet is better anyway. Getting used to the size and weigh. It feels surprisingly OK in the pocket, probably from not having sharp corners and a curved back. The display’s backlight goes really low which is great for reading in bed at night if you dont want to bother your partner with the light. But the adaptive brightness is weird coming from the Nexus 5. I think I will try a 3rd party app to control the backlight. Battery is alright so far. Easily getting through a day without charging, at the moment been off the charger for 9 hours from 8am to 5pm and it is at 50%. But I dont use a lot of SOT. The SOT seems to be around 3 hours which is not great at all. If you buy the phone now just keep in mind there is virtually no cases, chargers, cradles in Australia. I decided to go for this phone as I wanted a phone that felt more premium than the Nexus 5 but with the vanilla simplicity of a nexus phone. This delivers that. But just as long as you are willing to have a big phone, charge frequently, and happy to give up Qi charging and a fingerprint sensor.

          • Thanks for that mate. I’m certain that i can get my money back on the G4 i recently bought.
            So i’m going to hold out for the new N5. Then make up my mind from there.
            Either I’ll stick to the G4, Grab a Moto or N5.

  15. I purchased mine yesterday from Vodafone Warringah Mall in Brookvale and they had six in stock. They asked if I could unpack it in the store so they could see the how the phone looks like and what you get in the box.

    • Hi just wondering if you have a vodafone account? I have tried to buy the moto x style outright but they will not let me as I dont have an account with Vodafone.

      • I do have an Vodafone account but in this article they say that they sould be selling the phone to anyone who wants to buy it till the 29th at least. You sould push them on the matter and show them this article and they should capitulate.

  16. Just bought the moto x style from Vodafone store in Waurn Ponds (Geelong, Vic) without any trouble. They have more stock there if you guys are looking for a store to buy from

  17. Thanks Chris for all your efforts in regards to the Moto “saga”. Any word on the street when the white ones will be in stock in stores? Cheers!

  18. We’ve raised feedback with Vodafone; QVB and Westfield Chatswood should have received a reminder to sell the phone outright if available. Allphones we can’t do anything about. Sounds like people are having a fairly good chance of finding the phones they want in stock though 🙂

  19. In Sydney…

    Made a few more calls around.
    1. Chatswood Chase Vodafone has stock, 3 left. (i just bought my one there).
    2. Blacktown Vodafone is preorder only on plan
    3. Allphones Blacktown has stock but is plan only.
    4. Voadfone Rouse Hill has two in stock (black), will sell outright.

    Good luck to all purchasing this phone outright.

  20. Just walked out of Vodafone in Victoria Gardens Shopping Centre, Richmond, Victoria. They have the phones on show but wouldn’t sell me one.

  21. Vodafone Carlingford Court (NSW) only had one in stock and refused to sell outright. Allphones in the same shopping centre were happy to sell one to me though

  22. I was considering the Moto G (3rd gen) also, but no NFC (useful for the Opal Travel App in Sydney) and the MicroSD card only 32gb as against 128gb in Moto X. The speed on Moto G rather good. I have a 2nd Gen (1gb ram/8gb internal). I am only contemplating upgrading not for speed, but for extra storage, and NFC.

    • My current phone is a cheap Chinese brand phone (Leagoo Lead 2) which is perfectly fine as a smart phone. It’s biggest issues are that the battery does not last super long like I hope the new Moto’s do, it’s storage is partitioned with only 2gb primary partition and another 4 for everything else. It is also only 3G which is fine but I figure if I am getting a new phone I may as well get 4G.
      I have considered other Chinese options but none seem to either have all the right 4G and or 3G frequencies for full use on Telstra and do not have the same storage partitioning issues. It would also be nice to receive updates to the OS which seem to nearly never happen with the smaller Chinese phones.
      I would probably have gotten an Asus Zenphone 2 had they released officially in Australia with full AU Frequencies.

  23. $494.99 from expansys for the 16GB Style. I’m just gonna go with that I think.

  24. Android Central are reporting that version 5.3 of the google app makes the launcher on the X Play run a lot smoother.

    Mine is still on version I’ll be interested to see if there is any noticeable difference when I get the update

  25. Sorry for going off topic but do these comments have be be approved as my last 2 posts are not visible and are showing as pending on Disqus?

  26. Anyone successful in Melbourne? I don’t care about the colour.
    If I can walk into a Melbourne store and buy a Style without begging and hassling, I just might do it this evening.

  27. If you are in Sydney area
    1. QVB wont sell outright even if the article.
    2. George street will but only have one in stock
    3. Westfield Chatswood wont sell outright even with the article (same moron who wont sell outright even if I bought the sim only plan)
    4. North Sydney Vodafone out of stock

    Vodafone stores are inconsistent.

    When I asked for colour, they all seem to have black only. They could not specify when stock will arrive. Some offered for pre-order to get the white but they said the outright offer only applies to existing stock.

    Anyone else have similar experience?

  28. Anyone heard if the X Play is coming outright to other retailers anytime soon? I’ve been trying to keep my Galaxy S4 running a bit longer as I would be better placed dropping $500 odd on a phone closer to Christmas than now, but if past the 28th it’s going Voda contract only, and no outright option, then I might have to bit the bullet and get it now

  29. Interesting that the outright purchase offer expires on the day the next Nexus is expected to be announced. Just sayin’.

    • If Google press announcement is made on Tue 12pm 29 September 2015 in San Francisco, it will be Wed 5am 30 Sep 2015 in Australian Eastern time.

      So Vodafone offer expires on Tue 29 Sep 2015,
      but Google Nexii won’t be announced until Wed 30 Sep 2015 in Australian Eastern time.

  30. I presume I know the answer to this question, but I just want to be really sure before I pull the trigger on this. If I buy the Style outright from Vodafone, will Android updates come to my device straight away when Motorola makes them available, or do I still have to wait for Vodafone to approve them?

  31. Any word on Moto G release from any retailers?

    • I think Kogan have the G now… Although it is only the 8gb / 1gb ram model.

      • There are many online retailers who have that version but that is not the official Australian one.
        I am starting to think India must have taken up all of the stock as I hear it has already sold over 1/2 an million of them. That said I am not sure if they have to 8 or 16gb version.

  32. The Canberra store told me they’re only selling them online. It’s this kinda crap that made me go to Telstra years ago.

  33. Sorry if this question has already been asked, but will the Moto x style be unlocked so I can use it with the Telstra network?

  34. Also, any word from your Motorola contacts on when the 360 will be released here?

  35. Think I’ll continue my wait for the Nexus phones. Slightly tempted though!

  36. So how long does “Exclusive to carrier” normally last (On average)?

  37. These Vodafone versions are not dual sims 🙁

  38. will motomaker be available for australians later this year or is that just a rumour?

  39. Kudos to Ausdroid for the advocacy here. Good on Vodafone for listening.

    Meh on the 29th date though. I legitimately don’t want to pull the trigger on anything pre-Nexus. Frustrating decision.

  40. Just setting up my Moto X Style now… It is super fast. Faster than the HTC M9 I’m coming from.

  41. Well done guys reaching out and pushing, Great result for your readers

  42. Any news about the Moto X Play with 32GB. Currently I have a Moto G (2nd Gen) with 8GB and had to trim App count down to 100 Apps and I am forever juggling Apps into SD card and clearing system cache (settings – > Storage – > Cached data) whenever doing App updates.

    These days 16GB (with 11GB available) doesn’t cut it anymore for latest Apps especially Games. I was of course excited about the SD card being bumped up to 128gb from 32gb for pictures and Google Play Music downloads for offline listening

  43. moto x style a bit too overpriced though its 399USD on moto maker which is 556 AUD… not impressed

  44. But honestly, why is it advertised in their brochure as $792 outright when we have had to push for a *special* 12 day outright sale?

  45. I’m surprised that it isn’t contract only until 29-Sep so employees can make a higher commission and then available outright after that.

  46. Just went to a store and they won’t sell outright. Does this start Friday 18 or something?

  47. Nice scoop.

    If the Nexus phones fail to impress, I’ll probably look at the Moto X Style.

  48. Great work Ausdroid.

  49. I ordered two Bamboo white models today and have been told from the Twitter team as well as live chat that they have 0 of that style in stock, but plenty of black.

    Do we have an update on this?

    • this is the issue ive faced. Stores don’t have stock and don’t know when stock will arrive. Online says 3-4 business days yet calling CS to check stock they have none and dont know when they will. Its a shame the website doesn’t reflect this.

  50. Excellent result- thanks Ausdroid for your support on this issue. I was one of the lucky ones able to pick up an outright Moto X Style today.

    Was there any explanation as to why outright purchases are available only up to September 29? Just curious more than anything…

  51. Nice one Vodafone and Motorola and of course Ausdroid . Unfortunately that is possibly nexus announcement day… Was planning on holding fire until then… So tempted…

  52. Patrick Huynh Pham

    PSA: The Moto X Style doesn’t come with the new 25W Turbo Charger, only the 15W turbo charger. Apparently there is Vodafone will not be stocking the 25W Turbo Charger as an accessory as well…

    I’ve written an email to Motorola concerning the matter and CS has said they’ve pushed it up to higher management to see what’s going on.

  53. Some good news at last.. thanks for keeping us in the loop Ausdroid, where would we be without you guys! ?

    Now to track down a bamboo white one in stock (I heard next week)..

  54. So motorola and vodaphone have not listen at all , if september 29th is the last day to buy this outright

    • Hey, offering the handset for outright sale for ten days is better than not offering it for outright sale at all. I know 29th is Nexus day, but hey, before we pushed and argued on behalf of readers, there wasn’t an outright option, and now there is.

  55. Any confirmation if the system updates are direct from Moto or have to come from Vodafone?

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