The popular picture messaging app Snapchat is continuing to develop their platform and have announced a new way to see yourself(ie). Given their platform it is a blatant and frankly horrible pun but is eye catching to those addicted to it, whats more eye catching is the new lenses that are in the app.

In an instagram type setup, users can now press and hold your face when indulging your inner narcissist and add a number of lenses (aka filters) to enhance your image.

They have also announced a new option to purchase a replay of a snap, at least for those in the US (or those of you on a VPN). This new option gives Snapchat a further revenue stream, making them a little more attractive in the grand scheme of things when/if they finally go public. Their strategy for monetisation is offering users the option to replay snaps you have received. The cost for the replays, which you can only use once per snap is US99c for 3 replay.

By their own admission, it is pricey but Snapchat needs to monetise their platform without endangering the popularity of the service and as a service which grew on the sending of the odd nudie pic without the fear of it being kept, this may be not such a great option, but still they have to try options.

Our use of Snapchat is fairly limited here around Ausdroid, but it seems to be an immensely popular service for those who use it. If you use Snapchat, let us know what you use it for and what you think of giving users the option to replay Snaps.

Developer: Snap Inc
Price: Free
Source: Snapchat Blog.
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Dean Reading

If they want to make some serious money, they should charge $5 to delete an accidentally sent snap

Tony Soprano

“Inner narcissist”. I like that. Describes most people who obsessively take selfies all the time.

Phil Tann

I did wonder who would pick up/comment on that first!
Well done

Tony Soprano

Lel, thanks.