Google Play Music on Android is receiving an update and it’s bringing with it some much needed improvements to the Chromecast support. According to Google the Chromecast support has been completely overhauled in this latest version which brings a few improvements and one new feature.

The new version will let you play back tracks without stoppage in between, and you can also have your music play track after track with no gap. The final feature is a good one which lets you leave the house or turn your phone off after initiating playback without the music stopping. The full feature list is in the ‘What’s New’ section here:


We’ve completely overhauled our Chromecast integration:

  • No more stoppage of playback in between songs
  • Gapless playback support now enabled over Cast
  • Music will continue playing even if your phone turns off or if you need to leave your amazing house party (brought to you by Unexpected Best Night Ever Radio†) to pick up additional supplies

The update will hit your Google Play update list shortly, otherwise you can always grab it earlier if you just can’t wait.

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    Noticed that this morning. It still stopped playing after a couple of songs for me though (just search for Google music chromecast stops, plenty of people seem to be having the issue).

    Phill Edwards

    I have this problem on a Sony Xperia Z3 tablet. From my phone is fine, and over Bluetooth from the tablet is fine. It’s very annoying especially as you would expect Chromecast and Google music to work perfectly together with them both being Google products. Interesting to hear it’s a common problem… and that they haven’t bothered to fix it in an “overhaul”.