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Google loves birthdays. If you’ve ever opened Google Now on your birthday you’ll be quite familiar with their Happy Birthday Google Now card. Google is extending this birthday feature to your Google Maps now with Pegman ready to put on his party hat.

Google posted the announcement to their Google Plus page announcing: “Pegman loves birthdays (mostly for the cake)”. According to Google if you head over to Google Maps on your big day, you’ll see a slightly different Pegman than the one you’d normally see.

Google maps birthday pegman

If you visit Google Maps – the web version is demoed, we’re unsure if it works on the app as yet – you should see that ‘Pegman’ is dressed ready to celebrate your birthday, adorned by his party hat and toting a bunch of balloons. As always it’s good to see Google maintaining a little light-heartedness and inserting little pieces of whimsy into their products.

Is it your birthday? Well happy birthday then, let us know if you spotted Pegman dressed for your party on the web or on you device.

Source: +Google Maps.
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I’ll have a look tomorrow. xD

Dennis Bareis

For my birthday (in the middle of November), I’d like Melbourne public transport to be added. Any update on this?

Daniel Tyson

Here you go, this is where it stands as of 2 days ago:

Update from Victorian Minister for Transport: We’ve given the data in an acceptable format, it’s now up to Google.

Update from Google: No timeline.

Dennis Bareis

Thanks for the update