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Samsung’s health tracking platform S Health has been opened a little today with the Android app now able to be installed on a wide variety of Android devices directly from Google Play.

S Health launched with the Galaxy S III back in 2012, an allows you to track a wide variety of health related data such as physical exercise like Walking, Running, Biking etc., your sleep and how much food you’ve eaten to give you your calories burned. The app also allows you to track how much water or coffee (to measure your caffeine intake) you’ve drunk during the day. The app can even track your stress and heart rate levels.

S Health isn’t just about health tracking it can also act as a personal trainer to encourage you to move more and achieve your goals. S Health also allows you to connect fitness trackers, heart rate monitors and smart scales to make tracking everything much easier.

If you’ve been waiting all these years to see what S Health is about, but didn’t want to get a Samsung smartphone head over to Google Play and install the app now.

Samsung Health
Samsung Health
Source: Google Play.
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    SamsungSHealth + NikeRunning

    is equivalent to

    GoogleFit + Runtastic

    Anyone know why one platform is better than the other?


    It actually came with the GS4 in 2013 and not the GS3 although it is now compatible.