Work/Life balance is getting harder and harder to maintain for everyone; work is busy, partner at home + kids keep you busy, other commitments will chew up any spare time you may have in the blink of an eye. In our always connected, time poor lifestyles we live nowadays its really easy to forget things and that’s where having a service like Todoist comes into its own. The hugely popular, genuinely cross platform to do list manager has seen a major update with new functions, a new logo and all new apps.

In a blog post the company outline their thought processes around their user demographic:

You are students and teachers, grandmothers and CEOs, designers and financial analysts, and everything in between.

so they set about redesigning their look from the ground up; New logo, new typeface, giving users the ability to change their theme. Additionally they redesigned their web interface and have dropped new apps for all platforms Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and even their Gmail plugin is all new.

For anyone that has used Todoist, there are a few little bugbears in it such as the language required to add tasks with a reminder date/time. That has been further refined to allow more natural language to be used in the creation of reminders as stand alone or recurring tasks.

Todoist was already a very good offering for users who are prepared to dive in and commit, but now they’re making it so easy to use the product.

What features attract you to your preferred task list manager?

Source: Todoist Blog.