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We know Google is holding an event on 29 September, and alongside rumoured Nexus devices are rumours of a new Chromecast device. Alongside this, it looks as if Google has been working on a new Chromecast companion app as well.

Documents obtained by 9to5Google show that an updated companion app will feature a new design and packing suggested content features. The newest feature of course is the “What’s On,” which allows users to browse through content offered through various Chromecast-support enabled apps.

9to5Google have also seen screenshots of the new app, which will show you different movies, videos, and other content from within the apps you have installed on your phone or tablet. On top of providing suggested content, the new app seems to also have a screen that shows you which Chromecast apps you have installed on your Phone or tablet device and it will make suggestions for other Chromecast-supported apps that are available on Google Play.

At the moment, the Chromecast app has a “Discover apps,” tab which basically redirects to a specialised page within Google Play. With the new app this will change as it will become more of an intelligent hub to all the Chromecast enabled content found within your installed apps.

Sadly though, 9to5Google was only able to get a very blurry image of the new app and its UI interface which has been redesigned from the ground up. The new interface of the app will have a section with tabbed navigation which is currently what is in place within Google Play.

Chrome Cast app - new

What 9to5Google have been able to confirm that the new Chromecast hardware and the new app will be launched at Google’s September event on the 29th, alongside the widely anticipated launch of the upcoming generation of Nexus phones from both LG and Huawei.

Source: 9to5 Google.

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