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The rumoured Google event on 29 September is a rumour no more; Android Central is confirming this morning that the event is going ahead and that it’s official. Google’s event on 29 September 2015 is widely expected to take the wraps off two new Nexus phones, a 5″ device from LG, and a larger 6″ device from Huawei.

In a separate rumour, these two handsets have been given some form of name, with the LG 5″ device called the Nexus 5X (known as “bullhead” internally), and Huawei’s 6″ Nexus dubbed the Nexus 6P (or “angler” as its codename).

Though nothing is confirmed until Google announces it, these phones are likely to be announced and they’ll set the pace for Android development for the next six months or so, as they’ve done in the past. In addition, there’s been some tasty rumours around a follow-up to the Chromecast being launched, which has been dubbed the Chromecast 2.

We’ll be doing our best to cover the news as it happens in a week’s time. Keep it tuned, folks, and we’ll let you know what we find out as soon as we do!

Source: AC.
Thanks: Droid Life.
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Phill Edwards

“and they’ll set the pace for Android development for the next six months or so”. Do you really think so? It seems to me that Nexus devices are not leading the pack these days and manufacturers are producing phones with more features with less stubbornness around certain things like SD cards. The main selling point for Nexus devices now seems to be keeping up with the latest Android releases.


Moreso in terms of software / application development than hardware. Nexus hardware has been playing catchup for a while now.