Sony has quietly added two new watch faces and more widgets to its Android Wear-powered Smartwatch 3 through an app called Watch Faces for Smartwatch 3.

The watch faces, named Abstract and Active, add to the current limited range of Sony specific watch faces the Smartwatch 3, which include Classic, Sony and Watercolour. The app update does allow for a certain degree of customisation and allows the user to change the background colour, hands, time markers and more. The other major change for watch faces at least is that digital watch faces can now show the time in 12H format.

Furthermore, the update also brings with it 4 new widgets such as World clock, Compass, Calendar and Digital time which compliment the already pre-loaded widgets such as Date, Week number and Steps, so you can add a lot to your watchfaces now.

This update brings SmartWatch 3 SWR50 application up to the current build number 2.0.A.0.11, and it is now rolling out via Google Play to Smartwatch 3 users, but if the update hasn’t hit you yet, the guys over at Xperia Blog have been able to get a copy of the APK file which you can download below.

APK File Download: Watch Faces for Smartwatch 3 (2.0.A.0.11)

Source: Xperia Blog.
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OK. So once you have installed it, how do I open this app? Apologies for the silly question.