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According to Android Police ‘sources’ we might finally see a Nexus-branded device with a decent amount of storage. After what seems an eternity (in the Australian market) of Android devices coming with limited storage on board Google may finally be releasing the incoming Huawei Nexus 5.7″ device with 128 GB of internal storage. This should be sufficient for all but the most extreme users.

Over the years we have seen Google add more storage to the Nexus line up:

  • Nexus 4, 8 & 16 GB options
  • Nexus 5, 16 & 32 GB options
  • Nexus 6, 32 & 64 GB options

If the rumour is correct we will see the Huawei Nexus 2015 offer 32, 64 and 128 GB variants. Long has the call been for Google, and all other Android OEMs, to include a high capacity device in their line up especially with Google’s history of changing how SD cards work with the Android operating system. Time will tell if firstly the rumour is correct, and secondly if the higher capacity model makes it to Australian shelves. Even if bricks and mortar retail stores don’t carry a larger capacity device you should always be able to get it via the Google Store online. Remember storage won’t be free so expect to pay a premium for the higher capacity models.

No information has come to light for the LG Nexus 5 storage capacity, however if the rumours of the LG device being a slightly more ‘affordable’ – don’t read cheap or you may be disappointed – device we may not see such high capacity variant out of LG’s long awaited follow-up to the Nexus 5 2013. We won’t have long to wait to find out with Google confirming their September 29th event. We will be covering the event live as always so feel free to join us in the dead of the night or wake up to our fresh coverage the next day.

Are you storage space hungry? How much storage do you really need on your device and why? Let us know below.

Source: Android Police.
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Phill Edwards

Hope the new Nexus 5X also comes to the party on storage. I don’t want the Huawei as I think the screen is too big for me.


I really wish people would stop talking about SD card slots. Any genuine Nexus fan knows that Nexus devices never come with external storage.

Caleb Johns

Bloody oath.

Paul Kelly

The current Nexus 5 has a Full HD screen and fast SOC already, what really is lacking is storage. My ideal new Nexus would be 32gb for Apps (no juggling of Apps to MicroSD like on a Moto G) and a huge MicroSD of 128gb (or even 200gb like on Sony Z5) for pictures and Google Play Music downloads.

Streaming and the Cloud is well and good at home with unlimited ADSL/NBN but data gets damm expensive outside over the Cellular network. Solution have your picture and music library downloaded already on the Smartphone.

James Adina

android M will give u the ability to treat SD Cards as proper storage not just space for a few supporting apps, some music and images… Wouldn’t be too surprised if we see atleast one of the new nexus’s to hav a sd card slot


I hope it happens for those that need it, but I think it’s unlikely. For whatever reason, it almost seems to be a Google policy no to include an SD slot. Slightly off-topic, but I installed Marshmallow preview 3 on a Nexus 5 I’m playing with at the moment, and apart from the vertical app drawer, I couldn’t see a single visual change from Lollipop. I know there are a lot of changes under the hood, but I fail to see how it’s worthy of a major update in the version number. Sometimes I wonder if we place too much… Read more »


Yeah, the current N5 specs are still very decent. It’s funny that Google will stop supporting it soon (two years). We’re lucky that the custom ROM scene has us covered.


what’s with that camera bit? spoils the entire thing.


I want a 32GB model, and a microSD slot. One SKU, job done.

We’ve yet to see if google have learnt their lesson and if their renewed acceptance of microSD is a prelude to better design decisions on the Nexus brand.

My next phone will have a microSD slot, without a doubt.


128GB storage? I might finally consider getting a Nexus.

Ghost TOG

Defiantly a large storage user in my note 4. I take lots of photos with my phone for work and pleasure. I also keep most of my music on my SD card. Not a fan of steaming music using my data plan, it’s a bit too expensive. I definitely consider a 128GB device especially if it Nexus.