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Android Wear is now over a year old. There’s been a lot of different watch faces released for the platform since then, and many more updated ones since Google released their updated interactive Android Wear watchface API. The Watchfaces are now quite interactive and offer either novelty, utility or both in a great looking form factor. It’s a quiet Sunday, so we thought we’d look at what we’re using on our wrist and get you to share with us which watch face you’re using on your wrist.

This is the Ausdroid Team’s current Android Wear setup:


LCARS Android Wear Watch Face
It’s the funky LCARS interface from Star Trek on your watch. The watchface uses the new interactive style which allows you to tap areas to perform functions (Change from 12-24 Hr time, switch date format). It has bold colours which switch as seconds tick by in a really ‘Trekky’ type way sort of what LCARS was supposed to do – look futuristic but simple.

What do you Like about it?
If it was good enough for the Enterprise it’s good enough for me. It looks quite cool and it’s been instantly recognised by a number of people on the street so far.

What don’t you like?
The step count in a green bar and the battery percentage meter that you can tap between at the bottom doesn’t look quite ‘LCARSy’ enough.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁


Chairman Gold (stock LG Urbane face)
Resembles a well crafted analog watch face. It’s nothing fancy, but it looks good and matches the design of the Urbane. Do note, though, that when I’m not using Chairman Gold (e.g. when travelling or on holidays) I use Krona sunlight, because its an amazing travel companion.

What do you Like about it?
Looks great, has indicators for day of week, day of month, and watch battery percentage.

What don’t you like?
Doesn’t have anything else, no fancy weather indicators, or much at all. It’s a stock watchface.

Screenshot 2015-09-20 at 10.44.30 AM

Stock LG Urbane watch face, not available unless you have the Urbane.


Krona Sunlight
It’s a watch face that tells you the weather forecast – temperature, cloud, whether it’s going to rain and sunrise/sunset.

What do you Like about it?
Once you get used to its UI its quite easy to read
Time is displayed big and bold so you don’t have to hunt for it
Includes date in ambient mode

What don’t you like?
Doesn’t source Australian data from the BOM its rain predictions are pretty wildly inaccurate.

Krona Sunlight Watchface
Krona Sunlight Watchface
Developer: Simon Barke
Price: $1.69+


Watch Face Batman
It’s a Batman Themed Android Wear Face.

What do you Like about it?
Batman… oh and dark colour, covers the “flat tyre” on the Moto 360

What don’t you like?
Doesn’t show battery on phone like others I have used

Watch Face Batman
Watch Face Batman
Developer: thema
Price: $0.99


Weather Watchface
Description: weather watchface is a simple to use and easy to read weather information that can also provide battery percentage information for both your phone/phablet/tablet and the Android wear. Can also ensure your phone is nearby with vibration alerts should you accidentally leave your phone somewhere else.

What do you Like about it?
Clear and clean layout. Weather information is accurate and information such as wear and phone battery life is easily seen on screen
What don’t you like?
Can be a bit of a battery drainer for both your phone and Android Wear. Notifications can hide battery and phone percentage along with some of the weather information.

Screenshot 2015-09-20 at 10.55.34 AM

Weather Watch Face
Weather Watch Face
Developer: Pizza Entertainment
Price: Free+


Official Motorola interactive watch face, Includes 3 circular interactive “dials/ widgets which can be configured to display:

  • Battery
  • Calories
  • Day/Date
  • Digital Time
  • Heart Activity
  • Steps
  • Weather
  • World Clock
  • and any apps installed that are compatible with the new API

What do you Like about it?
IMplements Android Wear’s new interactive watch faces Configured for my preferences including day and date, watch battery and step count. Classical look with a good range of colour customisations for backgrounds and highlights.

What don’t you like?
On the Moto 360 the bottom tick marks don’t “pop” up above the flat tyre like many of Motorola’s other watchfaces, and there are no customisation options for the watch hands.

Screenshot 2015-09-20 at 10.57.54 AM

Motorola Connect
Motorola Connect
Price: Free


Watchmaker Pro/vMetalBlack v0119R premium
Multifunction Android Wear watch face for WatchMaker Premium v.3.4 or later.
– 4 color choices;
– adjusting the brightness of the dimmed mode;
– 2 digital clock mode (12/24);
– weather forecast,
– displaying calendar events,
– list events calendar,
– step counter,
– flashlight mode,
– stopwatch,
– battery level,

What do you Like about it?
Has everything i want, as in shortcuts, there and interactable (is that a word?) on the home screen- stop watch, calendar, weather. easy acccess.

What don’t you like?
I’d like it to be customisable like other watchmakerPro watchfaces

vMetalBlack v0119R premium
vMetalBlack v0119R premium
Developer: VizorWatch
Price: $0.99

Watch Faces WatchMaker License
Watch Faces WatchMaker License

What are you using?

So, now it’s time to share your watch face. We’ll be monitoring comments all day to approve links to watch faces on Google Play. So share your watch face, let us know if it’s a paid or free version.

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    Definite vote for vMetalBlack v0119R
    Great face.

    Max Luong

    Another vote for Pujie Black. It’s great.

    cameron charles

    no Pujie black, give it a go guys!


    +1 for Pujie Black! So customisable.


    I like the new interactive watch faces so I am using the ‘Bits Watch Face’ by ustwo (on a square screen). Before that I was using the ‘Mustache Watch Face’ by The Hoodie Studio.


    FORM with Muzei integration


    On the Moto 360 I haven’t found any watch faces better than the stock ones that are customisable with Moto Connect, since I prefer to see the time in digital I use the stock Digital watchface

    Dan Goodes

    Currently rocking Active Watch Face, by RichFace. It’s good, clean, interactive and the black at the bottom does a good job of hiding the Flat Tyre™.


    Furious WatchFace – I tried it as a novelty, thinking I’d probably go back to something more ‘useful’ after a day or so… That was nearly a month ago!

    Joseph Miller

    Pujie black. There is no other.

    Martin Leonard

    Switch between the new Bits, Chronos Time Master and World Clock on my LG G Watch R


    I’ve been enjoying dialsII on the moto 360 … A new standard watch face for them


    I have been using Chronos Silver on the LG Watch Urbane. I keep change watch faces, but this is the one I always come back to.


    I like the Moto dials but I find it drains my watch battery in about 12 hours. I use the Google fit one for battery life and step counter.

    Gray Fox

    One of the clocki ones


    Been using one of the new Sony ones for about a week. Classic with steps, date, and New York – mainly because having 2 of the 3 looked a bit funny.


    Woo for LCARS. Been using that since I got the LG G watch. Looks much nicer on the square face I think. Those circular screenshots look a little weird.

    Daniel Tyson

    Agreed. I like the screenshots in the Play Store on the square watches.