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Koush’s Chrome app that lets you control your Android device from a window on your Mac, Windows or any computer running Chrome has gotten a little update which may make it easier for people running devices with hardware or capacitive keys.

The app now has a soft input panel along the bottom of the window for devices like Samsung’s Galaxy series which use a series of hardware and capacitive keys. The extra row of icons will be a little annoying, as Koush points out, for users of devices which use soft keys such as the Nexus 6but he’s added a toggle at the top of the pane to turn off the extra soft keys at will.


If you haven’t tried out Vysor as yet, we recommend you do, it’s fantastic and we do recommend having any family or friends who call on you for support on their Android devices, install the app as well as the remote control feature is amazingly helpful if a little slow. Check it out now for free in the Chrome web store.

Source: KoushVysor (Beta).
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    Can anyone get of to work with Cyanogenmod? I’ve tried it with 3 different PCs now. I have followed instructions to a tee. I am using a nexus 6 with cyanogebmod 12.1. Maybe it’s not supported?