LG’s G4 is getting on to six months old, and until recently (when I handed over the G4 to Jason so it could tour Berlin) it was my go-to daily handset. I loved it, and in many respects, still do. LG did great things with their flagship phone in 2015, but it seems they might not be done yet. Rumours of LG having another phone in the pipeline for 2015 have stuck around from not long after the launch earlier this year, but more recently the kibosh was applied by Android Police’s David Ruddock, stating that it simply wasn’t going to happen.

Well, OnLeaks is a leaker with a growing reputation, and he seems to think that another instalment in the G4 line is, in fact, around the corner:

Who knows whether he’s right or not, but the only thing we really know (and even then, it’s not 100% confirmed) is that the next phone from LG will be their contribution to the 2015 Nexus program, which should be unwrapped on the 29th of September (next week). Separately to this, LG have something going on in the states on the 1st of October, and we’ve (as yet) heard very little about what that could be.

As usual, we’ll let you know when we find out …

Source: 9to5Google.
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David Anderton
David Anderton
5 years ago

I hate companies that keep putting out a model superior to their flagship so soon. It completely devalues the point of a flagship.