Oh fAndroids, you do amuse me. Just when you think the Thermonuclear war waged between the mobile operating system giants is settling, we reported last week about Apple’s first app being posted into the Play Store, Move to iOS. An unmistakable shot from Apple at not only the Android platform, but every phone in it and it seems that many of you (in fact 30,000+ of you) didn’t take too well to Apple invading the Android space, giving the app 1 star.

Now credit where credit is due; some of the comments were very creative, some are hugely entertaining and (sadly as you would expect) some are downright hateful and rude. A couple of personal favourites are:

Ruined life. I downloaded this app to check it out. Right afterwards, my wife divorced me, my dog ran away, and my house burned down. Steve Jobs visited my dreams last night and explained if I switch to an iPhone, everything will go back to normal, and I’ll have the added bonus of being a hipster. Screw that. I’d rather be homeless and alone.

PLEASE DOWNLOAD AT YOUR OWN RISK! Downloaded this app, and within minutes: my house burned down, my wife left me (took the kids), lost my job, my dog died, got 3 flat tires, & I cracked the screen on my phone. You’ve been warned.

DON’T INSTALL: I installed this and then realised that I could just use NFC to pair the 2 handsets and transfer all my stuff across. Cant I? Oh wait… no I cant because despite my Android phones having NFC for the last 4 years its somehow only a “feature” on the newest IOS. Oh well, at least my shiny new IOS device has wireless chargi… what? It doesn’t? But my Nexus had it 2 years ago? Even after removing this app my phone is haunted by the ghost of Steve Jobs, so now I have to download the iXorcism app.

This didn’t go unnoticed by the iFans however who began to fire back

Wow… all the android zombies are rating this app one star; as if that would prevent all the people who are fed up with android crap moving to a better and more stable OS. Why come onto an app called move to iOS and give bad and ridiculous comments if you have no intention of moving to iOS. I hope android burns and withers away to dust along with all their idiot android fanboys.

Luckily, there’s at least one constructive comment that tells some stories about dealing with iOS from our own Managing Editor:


Ultimately if you are in either Android or iOS platform much of your data will be stored in the cloud and in the case of photos (if you’re smart at least) backed up to a second location. So there shouldn’t be much by way of data to shift between phones making this a bit of a stunt on the part of Apple to gain attention in the Android space, maybe they thought it may be positive attention. Either way, lets not fuel the fire any further and enjoy what we have; letting the Apple users enjoy their platform.

What was your favourite comment on the Move to iOS app?

Source: Play Store.
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I really don’t understand the mentality of downloading this app just to trash it. If you don’t care for something, the best thing you can do is just ignore it.

Tony Soprano

Everybody thinks their opinion is worth something. The reality is no one gives a toss.


I thought it was just pathetic from android users. Goes to show just how immature and childish they are.

vijay alapati



It goes both ways. When Samsung and Apple had (or rather still are) that whole patent dispute, fans of both operating systems were having a go at each other. Get over it people, it’s just matter of individual preferences.


It’s not Android users it’s humans in general. Nothing new here.


And it shows how boring iOS users are, the clones have no sense of humour. There will always be sad people