This time of year is Nexus time. We all love it. Rumours fly around the blogosphere left, right and centre. We have seen numerous leaks and rumours of the LG-manufactured Nexus 5X in the last few days. This leak seems to be more of an accidental press of the publish button by Amazon’s website developers than the usual unsubstantiated rumour. This evening someone at Amazon India has accidentally published the pages for the Nexus 5X phones, the LG-H791.

While there is no image of the Nexus 5X on the webpages there is a listing of the specs on all three webpages. There is a webpage for the Charcoal Black version, one the Quartz White and one the Ice Blue version. These confirm the rumoured specs including a 1.8GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8992 hexa core processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB internal memory. It has a 2700mAH lithium-ion battery to power a 5.2in IPS display with 1080×1920 pixels (423ppi). There is a 12.3MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera.

The Nexus 5X is larger than the original Nexus 5 by LG but that is to be expected with a larger screen (albeit only slightly bigger) at 15.4 x 1.0 x 7.6cm and weighs in at 177gm.
nexus 5x

Also mentioned is that there is a 6 month manufacturer warranty for in-box accessories including batteries. Are Google reintroducing the replaceable battery to the Nexus phone? Before you get all excited it seems it is just a standard disclaimer copy and pasted in as the Samsung Galaxy S6 description has exactly the same thing.

Of interest is that Google/LG seem to have missed the memo from near everyone that 16GB of memory is nowhere near enough in a smartphone. This could possibly be Google reintroducing the expansion SD slot to the Nexus range, as they have increased support for SD cards with Marshmallow and as we all know Nexus devices are designed to be reference devices. All will be revealed at the Google event next Wednesday morning (AEST), until then we will just have to dream, guess and salivate over what is leaked.

Do these specs whet your whistle or tickle your fancy? Are you sold on this Nexus or is the Huawei Nexus 6P for you? Stay tuned to Ausdroid as we continue to cover any and all Nexus news as it breaks,and especially next week for the Google event where Chris will be reporting live

Source: Amazon India.
Via: Android Authority.
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    Jonny Osorio

    i just hope the price wont be upscaled on the australian google store

    David H

    Why on earth is it SOOOO big? The display is only 5.2″, and the phone is 154 x 76mm big? That is huge! I bought the LG G2 years ago because it has a great 5.2″ display, large battery and VERY SMALL bezels all round. It is only 138 x 71mm with same size 5.2″ display! I have been waiting years for a replacement with fingerprint scanner. But, each new phone that gets released is bigger and bigger! I wish someone would release a phone with no bezel, 3000mA+ battery, good camera,fingerprint scanner and 5.2 to 5.5″ display! Currently the… Read more »


    the G2 has very minimal bezels compared to all phones imo. all will be revealed next week no doubt. I suspect the extra bezel is to allow front facing stereo speakers


    If it does have an SD card slot and is affordable, I’ll definitely consider it. But then I’d miss some of the features from my Xperia. :/

    David Anderton

    Unless this is exceptionally cheap and has an SD card slot I’ll pass.


    unlikely to have an sd but we can only hope. it’s not a deal breaker for me but if they are only offering 16gb and 32gb it may well be


    Hmmm checks phone….. 26gb used, 10gb free…. Yep I’ll need a 32gb one!


    I’m fine with the absence of 2K, but just hoping the price is modest.


    We suspect it will be more than a Moto X Play but less than the Style


    drat, that’s probably slightly to wide and tall for me really, they really don’t want to do a mid-size phone any more do they


    15.4cm is taller than my OnePlus One! That’s not a mid-size phone for people.


    it is all relative. compared to the nexus 6 behemoth it is.


    I’m all cloudy now, but my current 16GB phone is giving me warnings.

    I need 32GB. I don’t need more, but at least that.