Google’s alarm clock app, released to Play in June, received an update today adding gradually increasing alarm volumes.

Once you’ve got the update, drop into settings and you will find new options for ‘Gradually increase volume’ under the Clock and Timers sections, from there you can simply choose your ‘ramp up time’ in 5 second increments up to 60 seconds. There’s also a new option to set a custom ring tone for the timer so you can now pick your timer ring tone of choice.

The app hasn’t seen much in the way of updates since its release, but thats not surprising considering the simplicity of the app. If you haven’t got the update yet, or you’re interested in trying out Google’s vision for all things, clock, timer, stopwatch and alarm hit up the link below.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Which Google app/s do you want to see released to the Play Store? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Google+.
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I use Timely, mostly because I prefer the widget font. The device synching is cool too, but I don’t really use an alarm.


Nearly good timing. I went to set my alarm last night on my new X Play and looked for this feature but could not find it but good it exists now. I guess my other devices must have used custom clock apps which have had this feature for some time.


Check out Timely