Some rumours are good. We’ve seen a heap of Nexus rumours this week and last which are considered pretty reliable. Some rumours though aren’t quite so flash, and this is one squarely straight from the salt mines… why? Because anyone could come up with this kind of ‘detail’, and it seems someone might have done just that.

We’ve already touched on rumours of an LG G4 Pro, or some other kind of G4 follow-up coming this year, possibly as soon as 1 October. I don’t know if I attribute much validity to the G4 Pro / Advanced rumour personally, but I ascribe even less to this. G for Games, a hitherto unknown website to most of us, is reporting some specs for the upcoming G5 which, frankly, just about anyone could do at this point.

Noting that 2015’s LG G4 was hobbled with a Snapdragon 808 (instead of the more powerful 810, which had heating issues), the rumour is that LG’s G5 will use the Snapdragon 820, one of the most powerful processors in Qualcomm’s lineup. This really isn’t too far a stretch, because it is the next Snapdragon processor, and the 810, already being on market, is not likely to be considered for a phone to be released in another six to eight months. Perhaps.

The other leaked spec is the 20 MP camera with custom 1/2″ Sony sensor. Again, this really isn’t a stretch — Sony do make some of the best (if not the best) imaging sensors in mobile, and to speculate that LG might use such a sensor next year in a G5 really isn’t using the imagination much. LG went with their own in-house sensor for the G4, and it certainly was quite the performer .. but we know that Sony’s working on some great technology at the moment, and we’re seeing that in a number of different handsets now on the market (Moto X Style is a good example).

We’re reporting this for your consideration, but frankly I don’t give it much weight; it’s too light on detail, and the two details given are about as predictable as their being clear skies and cloud at some point in the next week or so.

Source: GforGames.
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David H

Hope it has a fingerprint scanner on the back? I have the G2, and love the power + volume buttons on the back. Just missing a fingerprint scanner, and would be perfect. Also very compact phone and small size for 5.2″ display.


Hasn’t it only been six months (or less) since the G4 was released? All 2016 flagships (LG, Sony, HTC and maybe even Samsung) will likely use the 820, as it should be a ripper. Specs change though, and there’s no way that LG would’ve decided on all of the G5’s specs at this early stage.