Spring is here, the weather is warming up and its great to get outdoors. But what do you do in the evening with your partner, with the kids or even if you’re home alone for the night? The Play Store has a pretty simple answer to that, pick up a bargain in the September Movie sales. With some great titles such as Men in Black 1, 2 or 3, Spiderman 1,2 or 3, the Amazing Spiderman and the Green Hornet available for $3.99 to rent or $6.99 to buy there is no excuse to not top off that day in the sun with some family movie fun.

There is a great mix of movies available on the Play Store making it well worth your time to hit the link and check out what’s on offer.

What movie bargains have you picked up from the Play Store?

Source: Play Store September Sales.
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Martin Leonard

What we do in the shadows for $1.99. Great film at a great price!