This time of the year is not just Nexus time but also signals the release of a new version of Android. This year Android 6.0 Marshmallow is set to be released and according to Canadian telco Telus, this will begin on October 5:

The timing of this release ties in nicely with the unveiling of the new Nexus phones next week on the 29th of September. In recent years the release of the OS update has occurred at around the same time as the availability to the public of the new Nexus phone. This leads us to suspect that the Nexus phones will be available to purchase and ship within mere days of the Nexus announcement. When Australians will be able to purchase is unknown with recent years not being friendly to Nexus consumers from down under.

Why Google is releasing close to a month earlier than usual this year is known and subject to pure speculation. Some suspect that it may be because Marshmallow is not as much of an update compared with the KitKat to Lollipop update and thus is ready earlier.

This is all part of the fever pitch excitement that is building steadily coming up to next week’s Nexus announcement. Be sure to check out Ausdroid next week for Nexus news as it happens.

Source: Mobile Syrup.
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I wonder how much later it will be before I get it on my new Moto X Play? By the end of October maybe??

vijay alapati

New nexus seems to have 2gb ram, but my nexus 4 also has 2gb ram but not eligible for 6.0 ?


In previous years, the new Nexus has gone on sale a couple of weeks after the announcement, with the date and time of availability being leaked in the following days. I like the idea of knowing when it will become available so that I can maximise my chances of getting one. I’d hate to return to my computer to find out they went on sale an hour earlier and I missed out.


Nexus 5 2013 didn’t have an announcement. It went on sale unannounced 4am 1 Nov 2013 AEST. By 7am, it was all gone.


The specs were announced prior to it being available for purchase though, right? ie. We’re not going to see it ready to purchase on 29/9?


I can’t remember. But one thing is for sure: I will be hitting that browser refresh button a million times at 1:59am Wed 30 Sep 2015 AEST on Google store just in case they release it right there and then.


No, the phone was announced and immediately available to order. There was no announcement, a span of time for the hype to build up, then it went on sale. All just happened on one morning.

If you’re after the new Nexus, better plan on getting up early on the 30th and quickly trying to place an order.