Hitman Sniper

There’s a lot of good and bad first person shooters (FPS) in the Play store, so when I saw that Hitman: Sniper by reputable developer Square Enix is going for the low price of 20 cents (down from $4.99) I snapped it up.

If you like shooters – particularly sniper games – you’ll like Hitman: Sniper. It’s well-designed, and it’s a console-like experience ported to mobile in a predictable and controllable way. As the Hitman of the title, you’ll get specific targets and contracts that will reward you with intel and money you can upgrade your weapons, making more difficult missions easier and easier.

Despite the upfront purchase price, the game does have some in-app purchases asking you to fork out more of your hard-earned to speed up your upgrades; but even after playing for a couple of hours I don’t feel like my progress is being hindered by not investing more money in the game.

It’s only going to cost you 20 cents to have a look at the game right now, so hit the Play Store link below.

Hitman Sniper
Hitman Sniper
Price: $0.99

Have you played Hitman: Sniper? Tell us what you think of the game below.

Source: Play Store.
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Awesome I’m in


well worth the 20c, currently really enjoying it on my tablet. Very playable without IAP but missing out on cloud saves because i wont sign it into my FB is a bit annoying.


Why not? You get free $200,000 of in-game currency! Free “money”! :p


For $0.20? I’m in!