The ability of Google to listen to a song and let the user know what song it is is an extremely useful tool that I happen to use quite frequently. Now the function has been inserted into Google Play Music where in the search function there is also the option to listen for music. According to Android Police the function is not present for all users but luckily it has appeared in my Google Play Music today.

The function appears to be independent from the version of Google Play Music so Android Police assume that Google is testing the feature, turning it on from the server-side. They have also stated that if you do not have it you may be able to enable it by clearing all data from the app and then starting the app again. This does not work for all users but worth a try if you are interested in this function.

Although Android Police think this feature is redundant I don’t think it is. I use the find music when listening to the radio and watching movies. Having this function in Google Play Music will firstly search for that song, and then, if you are subscribed to Google Play Music All Access, show the song and allow you to play it with a single tap. Much easier than the Google Search function which tries to sell you the song rather than opening it in Google Play Music.

It is good to see Google continuing to expand the functionality of Google Play Music but for me I’d much rather them fix the bugs that are already there before they introduce new features.

Has anyone else noticed this new feature in their Google Play Music? Is it something you would use? What is your use case?

Source: Android Police.
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Just checked. I have it too. Awesome!


yep i noticed it just this afternoon. handy cos i use both google play music and the (super out of date now) sound search widget, which i can now ditch.


I have a new 1X1 widget but don’t have the search in G Play Music


even better: there’s now a music icon in the google voice search! so i don’t need to open google play music to get to it. fun fact: the icon only shows up when it can hear music. pretty amazing tbh, very intuitive. two pics here, one when the icon shows up and one after you click on it.

Paul Kelly

Clearing all data can be a bit dangerous if you have a lot of Google play music downloads. You will have to start downloading every album again.


It is annoying to redownload your music again but i do it each and every time i update my ROM- normally every week or 2. As long as i have Wifi it is easy to do. Hardly dangerous IMO unless you set it to DL over 4G/3G