With the torrent of leaks leading up to next week’s Google event in San Fransisco, there is not much left to know about the ‘rumored’ LG-built Nexus 5X, or the other devices expected to be launched to the event. You can add another ‘leak’ to the list with an LG device H-790 and H791 having just passed through the FCC – the US wireless industry regulatory and certification body.

These two SKUs of what seem to be the same device bear striking similarities to the rumored specs of the Nexus 5X and have a decidedly “stock” settings menu for an LG device. As per the FCC filing images of settings were included showing the regulatory information required, this is significant as it doesn’t use LG’s current Android UI look and feel, so we are going out on a limb and suggesting that the LG H 790 and H7941 are in fact the Nexus 5X

LG H 790 Nexus FCC

The details in FCC details are specific and sparse due to the narrow range of the FCC’s interests and the confidential;ty requests the OEMs make the lodging their devices for certification, however combing through the listings we have found the following. Remember that this is the USA regulatory body and so they are only interested in testing frequencies that pertain to US carriers, the lack of certain bands may just mean they weren’t tested or that other SKUs are still to be certified.

As per the filling the devices are GSM/CDMA/LTE phones with Bluetooth 4.2 LE, WiFI 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac duel band, NFC and hearing aid compatible. The H790 is listed as have a 5.2″ screen and overall dimensions of 146.9 x 72.5 mm, strongly the H791 is listed with a 4.4″ screen and 146.1 x 72.2 mm overall dimensions. We can only assume that there have been some transcription errors with the H791 dimensions as it is unlikely there would be a smaller Nexus 5X, and if there was the overall dimensions would be significantly smaller or it would be of no benefit in using a smaller display.

Wireless bands include:

  • 2G:850/1900MHz
  • 3G (CDMA): Band 2/4/5
  • LTE:
    • LG H790:
      • FD-LTE: Band 2(1900MHz)/4(1700MHz)/5(850MHz)/7(2600MHz)/12(700MHz)/13 (700MHz)/17 (700MHz)/25 (1900MHz)/26 (850MHz)
      • TD-LTE: Band 41(2500MHz)
    • LG-H791:
      • TD-LTE: Band 2(1900MHz)/4(1700MHz)/5(850MHz)/7(2600MHz)/17 (700MHz)/26 (850MHz)
      • FDD-LTE: Band 41(2500MHz)

Other smaller tidbits include confirmation of non-removable battery – no surprise there, WiFi direct, Mobile Hotspot capabilities and LTE carrier aggregation. For full confirmation of Australian carrier bands we will have to wait for the full tech specs from Google, however, it is safe to bet that the major Australian LTE bands will be covered.

As previously announced Chris will be covering the event live from San Fransisco so check back for our live hands on coverage after the event.

What is the one thing you want to be included in the Nexus 5X? Let us know below.

Source: FCC.
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Do I read 3 Nexus devices this year? Has the Nexus 4 also made a return?


we think its a typo in the filling documents


Ahhh, I walked into a Vodafone store today. I had decided to buy a Moto Style. And I picked one up, and…. I can’t do that. I can’t use a phone that big. The Moto Play isn’t much smaller.

So, maybe this is it.


Aha but the Moto X Play is just so good.

Can’t wait to go hands on with a Nexus and make my mind up … given that I’m only using review phones at the moment and probably need to buy one


I hate myself for joining the “Why They Make Phones So Big Nowadays?” camp. I have always mocked such people in the past. But both Moto phones just felt too damn big.

5.2″ being considered small is weird.

Phill Edwards

Please, Mr Google, let it have a decent amount of storage cos I really want to like this phone.


No L700 (band 28), L2300 (band 40) or even GSM 900MHz? There would have to be another model for us, surely.

Edit: Actually, there’s no band 3, so there must be another model.