That’s it, call off the trip to San Francisco. Just about every conceivable detail for the Huawei Nexus 6P has now been leaked, thanks to a public image gallery shared on Imgur, and anonymously tipped to us (and it seems a good number of other Android-based news sites as well).

What you can see above is a series of slides which appear to be designed for retailers, reviewers and others to use as an information and promotion tool. We commonly see these kinds of things in the form of a reviewers guide, and that’s quite likely what this is.

Much of the specifications are not knew, though it is interesting to see them put together like this, in such a compelling format. A metal body now appears certain, as does a significant battery — 3450mAh isn’t to be sneezed at. All this will come in a package weighing in at 178 grams, a little lighter than the current model Nexus 6 from Motorola. Other details confirmed include front-facing speakers, USB Type-C charging / accessory port, and Snapdragon 810 v2.1 processor. The display size and resolution (5.7″ and 2560x1440p) we’ve known for a while now, and it’s basically confirmed by this.

There is no reference to wireless charging which will be disappointing to some, and with a metal body, wireless charging does seem unlikely, though it could happen. That it’s not mentioned does tend to suggest it wont be included though.

The camera isn’t explored too much, and the existence of a fingerprint sensor is not new, but the quote about the camera suggesting “allows in more light” suggests a greater maximum aperture for more light on the sensor.

There’s the obligatory reference to Android 6.0 Marshmallow, and Now on Tap, both of which have been explored in earlier coverage this year, particularly out of Google I/O. Storage-wise, the Nexus 6P will come in 32, 64 and 128GB variants, in Aluminium, Graphite, Frost and Gold colours, though it’s not clear which colours (if not all) will be available in Australia — that Gold colour, for example, is likely to be found only in Japan.

Those with keen eyes will notice that the ‘camera bump’ shown in early pictures of the Nexus 6P is nowhere near as prominent as it had appeared before. This will be good news for those who appreciate a refined aesthetic in their Nexus.

The Nexus 6P should be announced by Google on 29 September at its event in San Francisco, and we’ll be there on the ground for a hands-on.

Source: Imgur.
Thanks: Anonymous Tipster.
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My wallet is ready


Curious to see local price. I’ve heard that the CAD price for the 32GB model will be 650 CAD. Hopefully the Australia Tax isn’t too high.


I’d be happy to have a camera protrude a few mm if it is going to take better photos. disappointed about the lack of wireless charging but not overly surprised given the Nexus 9 doesn’t have wireless charging either.


Found it interesting that for the fingerprint scanner slide, they slipped in an image of the LG Nexus.
I was curious to see what they or how they documented the camera and its features… “Nexus Camera” is a bold title, possibly explaining the expectation of the hump, but other than talk of low light it was about the speed of the app.
Looking forward to the day.


Starting to lean towards the 6P over the LG Nexus. The battery is pretty decent


Likewise. If the camera turns out to be very good, I might ditch the plan to purchase a Sony Z5 and get this instead.


I feel sorry for those who already bought the Moto X Style 2015.

#Nexus 6P #MotoX Style 2015

Battery 3450mAh 3000mAh

Max Internal Storage 128GB 64GB

SOC Snapdragon 810 V2.1 808

Front Facing Camera 8MP 5MP

Glass Panel Gorilla Glass 4 Gorilla Glass 3


OS 6.0 Marshmallow 5.1.1 Lollipop

Connectivity USB Type-C Micro-USB v2.0

Finger print sensor Yes No

Price Will probably need $? for the 64GB
to sell my grandma.

Caleb Johns



GSMArena says AMOLED.
Google Slides speaker notes page 4 also says AMOLED (not shown on main slide, but shown on speaker notes).


Now to decide on a colour.


Graphite Black will make the camera hump less obvious.


The last thing is the price right?


As long as the camera is a beauty … who cares about the price (within reason of course! … high specs can earn a corresponding price …. 5X for the budget orientated)