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Nexus 6P family press render

Leading up to the big Nexus announcement we keep a closer eye on the FCC – the USA telecommunication regulation and certification body, and this evening we saw a not so little device from Huawei pass through. Typically the exact device is hard to identify, but not this time, the Huawei H1512 is the Nexus 6P and it’s heading down under. How can we be so sure, the filling included a full copy of the regulatory e-label including the model name and a listing for Australia and New Zealand.

Nexus 6p e label

The filling was a treasure trove of other information as well, for instance the presence of a Micro SD card on the device under test. That’s right Nexus fans it looks like we’re getting a new shiny SD card slot to go along with the new SD card provisioning system in Android 6.0.

H1512 Description

From the filling we have been able to determine the following:

  • WiFi 802.11 b/g/n/ac
  • WiFi MIOMO supprt
  • Bluetooth 4.0 LE
  • GSM bands 850/1900
  • 3G bands BC 1/0
  • microSD card
  • GPS with a+GPS
  • NFC
  • 3450mAh battery
  • 5V 3.0 Amp charger

LTE is of course the major concern for most people and US customers will be happy to note that just as the Nexus 5X had support for all US carriers including Verizon, so too does the Nexus 6P on the H1511 model. Australian customers will be happy to see Bands 3 (1800MHz), 5 (850MHz) and 28 (700MHz) listed in the H1511 model – at least in the description above. The differences between the H1511 and the H1512 models have been summarised below listing their differences and similarities.

Nexus 6p models compair

The inclusion of an SD card in a Nexus device is a significant milestone and certainly signals a change in approach from Googles more recent hardware. All in all there aren’t too many surprises here, however, it’s nice to see Australia emblazoned on one of the e-labels right of the bat, and we’ll be interested to see how fast a 3 amp charger can charge the Nexus 6P’s 3450 mAh battery.

Chris is on the ground in San Fransisco right now, he’ll be bringing you live hands on right from the Google Event in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Are you excited by what has been revealed in the FCC filing? Let us know below.

Source: FCC - H1512FCC - H1511.
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Phillip Molly Malone

Tell me the reports that the Nexus 6P not being released day 1 in Australia are just missing something (like the two models, etc)? I have so been looking forward to getting this baby day 1!


Your article says your person will be on site Wednesday morning, but the 29th is tomorrow, Tuesday.


Wednesday morning Australian time genius.


No need to be an asshole, asshole. It’s not my fault you live in the wrong country. It is my fault for not realizing I was on a site from down under.

Tony Soprano

Piss off then.

James Adina

No need for either of you to be rude Chris was just pointing out that its an australian site with a australian time!

Tony Soprano

Oh no. Did your poor feelings get hurt?


From what I read here, It does not say that it will have an SD Card slot, but that it can be used as an SD Card Interface. I may be mistaken, but what I read there between the lines is that, just like every other Android device ever, you can use the internal storage to transport data from one place to another.

Again, I may be mistaken, this is just how I red into this.


Nope, your right, no SD Card slot.


Not sure that’s right. We’ll know very soon 🙂

Darren Ferguson

Android Police have ‘confirmed’ no SD card slot from multiple sources apparently.

Daniel Tyson

It’s all rumour till the announcement.


Hmm…looks like this phone will be lead contender to replace my current phone. The previous lead contender was the Sony z5.


I love how you guys find out info… You know, ASIS is hiring 🙂

David Anderton

So happy to see a uSD slot finally appearing on a nexus phone!


who cares about SD card now? everything is in the cloud. i don’t want to transfer data if i change a new phone. useless for me

David Anderton

I do


You are in a significant minority, particularly in Australia where carriers parcel out bandwidth by the MB.

Frankly I’ve had enough of google’s ignoring of customer wishes – microSD slots are a requirement, not a nice to have.


SD card? NO WAY!!! But I guess now that 6.0 can ‘merge’ the SD card into the storage with no limitation, we need a nexus device out there to test that on!


WTG AusDroid… great scoop. I’m over the 5X, I want the 6P. 🙂 amazing how the mood over at /r/android has changed in the last 48 hours. No-one showed much interest in the 6P before that.


Guys, we’re trending on r/android.

Get the simian upvote army up.


Did the filing for the 5X mention anything about a microSD slot?




Bugger. microSD there would make far more sense.


Ummm … I don’t see LTE band 28 listed on either of those model numbers in the chart provided

Daniel Tyson

It’s in the description. In the pic showing microSD support