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Google Play’s App and Game Deal of the Week went live last Wednesday morning, but I’ve had a week off so if you missed it, here’s your chance. The game was announced by Phil last week as Hitman Sniper but if you missed it, here’s another shot and as a bonus, head over and pick up Paper Camera as well.

Paper Camera
Google Play App Deal of the Week

Paper Camera from JFDP Labs is a great little app that adds some unique filters such as cartoon/sketch/comic book/half tone/noir/neon and many other to your photos. The effects are quite unique and show off a great flair and artistic

Long term Android users may have grabbed Paper Camera for $0.25 as part of Google’s celebration of 25 Billion app downloads from the Play Store back in 2012, but for newer users you can grab it now for even cheaper at just $0.20 – the good news? No In-App Purchases (IAP)!.

Paper Camera
Paper Camera
Developer: JFDP Labs
Price: Free

Hitman Sniper
Google Play Game Deal of the Week
Hitman Sniper is a game for the latent sniper inside you all! Taking on the role of the mysterious Agent 47, players will take on contracts and select targets for payments which will then enable them to update therr weapons and acquire intel which all makes for an easier time for your next contract.

The app is normally around US$5, so at $0.20 it’s a bargain, but be aware that there’s some IAP ranging in price from $1.56 – $31.99 per item, as well if you want to skip some of the steps to make your time a little easier.

Hitman Sniper
Hitman Sniper
Price: $0.99

As always the Google Play App and Deal of the Week update in the wee hours of Wednesday morning Australian time so jump in and grab them before they’re gone.

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    Got it and its not to bad