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Since launching their iOS app ‘Alien Blue’ in October last year, the calls for an official Android reddit app have been making the rounds. There’s been an official Android developer on staff for a fair while now and in an announcement post from reddit CTO Marty Weiner the other day, we got our first look.

The app screenshot was shared by reddit admin dforsyth who also offered reddit users the option to check out the Android developer jobs up for offer. The screenshot shows a fairly decent material design layout, with a Floating Action Button, overflow menu and of course the now required card layout.

Official Reddit App.jpg

The app of course attracted instant criticism from a subset of reddit users, though it’s clear to see from the screenshot that the developers have at least taken a glancing look at the Material Design guidelines which is better than some developers. Still, for a first try it’s not bad.

There’s still no official release date for the app, and they are of course still looking for an Android developer to work on it, so it could be a while yet. We are approaching the 1 year anniversary of the iOS app so it’d be nice to at least see a version 1 released for consumption, my only hope is a Material ‘Dark’ theme is included in the options when it is.

Source: reddit.