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With a set of big announcements set to come in the wee hours tomorrow morning, there’s been some housekeeping behind the scenes at Google where the Android Developers Twitter account has announced a small change in the size limit for files submitted to Google Play:

The change is a fairly obvious one with games and apps getting more and more complex, requiring more, and larger files to get apps up and running initially. The initial download may have changed from 50MB to 100MB, but developers are able to include up to 2 expansion files with their new install or update. These expansion files can be up to 2GB in size – and it’s these types of installs Google wants to warn you about. According to the Google Play Developers blog about the update, the warning dialogue that appears when a large app is to be installed will now be seen when ‘the app exceeds the 100MB quota and makes use of Expansion Files’.

Google is very cognisant that people have limited space, data limits and time to install large apps and reminds developers on their blog:

  • Mobile data connectivity: Users around the world have varying mobile data connectivity speeds. Particularly in developing countries, many people are coming online with connections slower than those of users in countries like the U.S. and Japan. Users on a slow connection are less likely to install an app or game that is going to take a long time to download.
  • Mobile data caps: Many mobile networks around the world give users a limited number of MB that they can download each month without incurring additional charges. Users are often wary of downloading large files for fear of exceeding their limits.
  • App performance: Mobile devices have limited RAM and storage space. The larger your app or game, the slower it may run, particularly on older devices.
  • Install time: People want to start using your app or game as quickly as possible after tapping the install button. Longer wait times increase the risk they’ll give up.

Whether this change will be important come tomorrow morning we’ll just have to wait and see

Source: Android Developers.
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    Dev Patel

    Yes, Really a great news, and also completely agree with @rkimobdev:disqus.

    RK Patel

    Great news, but it will may be helpful or may not be, because of the older cellphone configuration.