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The Humble Mobile Bundle is about to get even better value with two more games being added to the already good value list of games you can get for a huge discount.

The current bundle already included six great games: Trouserheart, Governor of Poker 2 Premium, Real Boxing Premium, Great Little War Game, Tiny Guardians, and Desert Golfing, but with the addition of Bean’s Quest and The Nightmare Cooperative to the premium tier it’s even better.

The premium tier of course means you’ll have to beat the average price for the bundle, which currently stands at US$4.33 – but that unlocks all the games listed above. You can of course pay just US$1 or more to get the first three games listed above, but it’s a small step up to get them all.

You can head over to the Humble Mobile Bundle website to grab your bundle now, paying with Amazon, PayPal, Bitcoin or of course Credit Card and don’t forget to share some of your payment with the Electronic Frontiers Foundation and World Reader while you’re at it.

Source: Humble Mobile Bundle 15.