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Pixel c rumor

Another day another Nexus, oops make that Pixel rumor. According to Android Police’s “reliable source”, Google is hard at working making a 10.2″ Pixel device called the Pixel C, which will depart from the traditional form factor seen on the Pixel line so far, with Google developing the Pixel C as a tablet with a detachable keyboard, and the kicker, it apparently runs on Android.

Before you go running though, there’s also another side to the rumour, with a board being developed in the Google Chromium repository codenamed ‘RYU’ which appears to be the Pixel C, and it’s being developed as a dual-boot ChromeOS/Android device. The board was announced by Chrome advocate François Beaufort as an ‘exciting’ new board, and many references to it exist in the Chrome code repository.

So does this mean we might be seeing a 10.2″ Pixel C dual booting into Android and Chrome OS? The utility of both Android and ChromeOS and their pros and cons as content creation vs consumption devices is certainly pointing at each being great at one, but not the other.

In recent times, Google has been working hard to bring Chrome OS and Android closer together, notably with the running of Android apps on ChromeOS – a new feature announced at Google I/O last year. However, despite those efforts each platform still has advantages and disadvantages over other. So a device that could literately bring you both OSs would be intriguing to say the least.

The devil, however, is in the detail. How do they share user data between OSs? Will my synced files from one system be usable in the other? One part of the solution to this might be the use of android apps in chrome if they can standardise many of the app experiences across the platform and then allow each OS to do what it does best to make the device both consistent and compelling.

According to the rumor the Pixel C will feature:

  • 10.2″ 308ppi display (at a 3:2 screen ratio – like the Pixel 2 – the screen resolution would be around 2560 x 1700 – again same as the Pixel 2)
  • 500 nit super bright backlight
  • Nvidia’s X1 Quad core processor with a 256 core Maxwell GPU
  • 3GB RAM
  • USB type C connector with two way charging
  • All metal body
  • Two keyboards in metal or leather
  • The now signature “Pixel” lightbar that indicates charge level

The device is rumored to be available from November this year and may carry a hefty price tag -just like the previous Pixel(s) – however, Android Police are thinking it may just make the lineup at tonights Google event in San Francisco.

Are you excited for a potential Android Pixel device? would you prefer it to dual boot? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Android PoliceReddit.
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Intriguing… Can’t wait for the official launch to find out more about it.


cant wait to see what’s in the pipeline to replace my aging nexus 10.


I’m intrigued, but would need some convincing. Pretty happy with my Nexus 9 as a tablet and Surface Pro 3 as a laptop


Has a dual booting device of any variety ever been considered a success?

One or the other, Google.


If they were smart they would have just priced it sensibly and called it the new Nexus tablet, with added Chromebook capability when you add a keyboard. The Pixel is massively too expensive for what it is, but a competitor to the Windows/apple convertibles at a $500 price tag would have the volume to win out.


unless it does dual boot it’s dead to me. I got burnt on a android tablet with keyboard last year (N9)- it is near useless as a productivity device (and extremely slow and laggy as an android device

vijay alapati

N9 – u mean nexus 9? though of buying it today from ebay with 15% OFF…..WILL HOLD


My brother just got one the same day I got my X Play (so nearly 2 weeks ago) and I can’t say he thinks it is laggy at all. As for my mums original Nexus 7 that is laggy now but it is 3 years old but still running the latest Android.

Out of interest how much can you get it for? My Brother got his WiFi model for $295 with a magnetic folding case.


I love my N9 with keyboard…I use it for work and play. What issue do you have?


Got to admit to being intrigued by the ‘meat’ keyboard; however, unless there is a vegetarian option I’ll have to pass on this.