Google Play Music - Families
Google has a big day coming tomorrow, with two Nexus phones, a new Chromecast (with possibly an audio-extender version as well) and Spotify partnership. But Google has their own music service and that’s about to get a bump with a family plan according to Android Police.

The rumour is that Google will follow in the footsteps of both Spotify and Apple with a family option to listen to music on Google Play for US$14.99 a month – which will include unlimited streaming for up to six family members from their own account, meaning you won’t have strange titles showing up in your playlists.we’ll have to wait and see how much it works out to in Australia.

Of course with Google’s last music service – YouTube Music Key – still yet to launch outside the US, there’s always the possibility the Family Plan may stay US-only for a time. But, with Google Play All Access available in Australia, we do have hopes it may make its way here soon.

We’re ready for this, but it’s still just a rumour until Google makes it official, which Android Police think will happen at Google’s event tomorrow morning. Chris will be there to ask all the difficult questions about availability and we hope to have answers as soon as possible if this is announced.

Would you use a ‘Family’ plan for Google Play Music or do you prefer other services?

Source: Android Police.
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    Would be nice if people on the early adopter plans get the $2 discount too, although not expected that to happen. AU pricing of $20 a month would be nice, but probably going to end up being more like $25.

    vijay alapati

    when will they make play store app purchases with family plan. Using same google account is not a option.


    agree! a Google version of Apple’s family sharing is a must these days


    This would be great! Pricing will be critical…


    My kids are hoping this is real


    yeah. I’m with you. i have a $7.99US account and got the kids/wife their own account so they didn’t pollute my recommendations with taylor swift etc. they pay $11.99AU so the $15US is still cheaper, plus then they can all have their own accounts which is handy going forwards


    It’s almost $60 per month for my little family of 5! So I really hope it happens here.