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With 4G service now live on the Boost Mobile network, the company has added the first ever 4G handset to their pre-paid line up with the Alcatel Quatro 4G mobile.

At just $99. the Alcatel Quatro 4G mobile is very much a budget friendly 4G handset that has been designed to ensure that it won’t break the bank but looking at the spec sheet, it has some pretty good specs for such a entry level device.

The full list of specs include:

  • 4.5″ TFT WVGA Display (854 x 480)
  • 1.2 GHz Quad-Core processor
  • 8GB Memory, expandable to 32Gb via microSD
  • 5MP rear camera, VGA Front facing
  • Android 4.4.2 (KitKat)
  • Network Connectivity:
    • 2G: 900/1800/1900/850 MHz
    • 3G: 850/1900/2100 MHz
    • 4G: 700/900/1800/2100/2600
  • Dimensions: 132.2 x 65 x 9.95 mm @ 147 grams

Sadly we weren’t able to find out how much RAM the Alcatel Quatro 4G mobile is packing but we will try to get more info as soon as we can on this. Furthermore it is a little sad that the Quatro is running KitKat right out of the box and most likely, but not impossible, that it won’t see an update to Android 5.0 (Lollipop).

However if you are in the market for a budget 4G mobile phone and want a strong mobile network coverage, then the Boost Alcatel Quatro 4G mobile might be what you are looking for. The Alcatel Quatro 4G mobile is available to purchase from either the Boost Mobile website or third party local retailers such as JB HiFi, Big W and Target just to name a few for $99.

Source: Boost Mobile.

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By the way, I found out that the device has 1GB of RAM… Considering getting one of these for my Dad, he doesn’t need anything incredible…


See, phones being offered for prices like this THIS are why I resent the pricing of the Nexus 5X and 6P. If companies can afford to manufacture, market, and sell basic Android smartphones for $99, how the hell can other companies justify the jump to over $650? I know that the camera/RAM/processor/screen/battery/casing/etc all differ from one phone to another, but surely the overall build process is the same, it’s just a case of changing the design and swapping out the basic components for the more advanced ones? I refuse to believe that the different components vary so much in price… Read more »

Ausdroid Reader

You can not compare those phones, seriously? Okay, buy a Tata or GreatWall and complain why companies like RR, Bugatti, Ferrari or Lamborghini … Do you want me to continue? or take it to the TV Scene, why pay the amount of money for a 4k, 3 usb port,, 3HDMI, VGA, RCA connectors smart interface, wifi, cable connection etc when you can get a $200 one with 1USB, 1HDMI, no smart or internet connection etc… Are you for real? You get as a bare minimum a 1080p screen, faster CPU better GPU way more RAM for running programms, more internal… Read more »


Your essay hasn’t “helped” me at all. I literally don’t agree with a word you have said. But if you feel better for your little tirade, I’m glad I could help…


Ausdroid Reader

Thank you, you helped, I guess. Let me use your own words then 😉 ” If companies can afford to manufacture, market, and sell basic Android smartphones for $99, how the hell can other companies justify the jump to over $650?” So, with the same logic, How can BMW and Bugatti charge the prices they do, when they can be had for the price of a Tata (cheapest car) or Proton… Really, how can those companies justify the jump from around 10,000$-12,000$ to $100,000+ Hehe, if you can answer that question, it is the same with phones. Have a look… Read more »

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