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As rumoured yesterday, Google has announced the latest for their Google Play Music serice – a family plan. The long awaited service will be coming later this year, though no mention of regional availability has been made.

Google Play Music Family Plan will let you and up to six members of your family. The service will be able to supply tailored recommendations for each user, without interrupting your own stream or recommendations. Google Play Music Family will cost $14.99 per month and let you listen on all the usual devices.

We’ll be finding out more about Google Play Music Family sharing later in the year when the service launches.

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If the price is decent, might do it. Got a few people in my household that use this anyways.


If it’s less than $20AUD, I’d get it.
Time will tell…


The $14.99 is presumably the US price? That would make it close to $25 Aussie I would assume, which would rule me out (with a ‘family’ of two). I’m on the grandfathered $9.99 plan.


This is gonna save our family about $40 per month!