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At today’s Google Event in San Fransisco, Google had more than just new hardware to show off. The Google Photos team dropped by with three long awaiting updates to the Google Photos platform, Shared albums, custom names and Chromecast support.

Shared albums

While you have had the ability to share images from Google Photos since launch there wasn’t an easy way to create a shared album that multiple people could contribute photos too. Today’s announcement adds that functionality.

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Simple create an album and share it with any other Google Photos user, once that have accepted the invitation they will be able to add their own photos to the album.

Custom names

One of the most request features for Google Photos is the ability to assign names to the people in your photos. With today’s announcement now you can.

Google Photos 02

Names are completely customisable and can only be seen by you, so if you share that photo of your ‘Pookie Muffin’ you don’t need to worry about that going public. Once added you can then use that name to search your photos, e.g. search for Dan at the snow and you’ll get all of your photos of Dan at the snow.

Chromecast support

The other major feature request for Google Photos is Chromecast support and that too is coming.

Google Photos 04

The functionality is simple allowing you to select an image to send to the TV allowing you to then browse your images and videos on the phone while leaving that image on the TV. When you’ve found the next image you want tap that and it will jump to the screen.

These improved functionalities are certainly welcome additions to an already strong product from the Google Photos team. And while there may be more features that users are waiting for the speed of iteration for Google Photos would indicate that we won’t have long to wait until the next feature set rolls out.

Do you use Google Photos? What features would you like to see next? Let us know below/

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Is there a desktop uploader app for Google photos? Thanks


Yes there is, what OS are you using? hit the link in here,


I thin the features are great. Looks like something Facebook will copy a few months down the track though. It seems to happen every time Google releases something new for Google Plus or Photos. Kinda feel a bit sorry for them trying so hard. And because Facebook has *the* Graph it will work better for them of course.

Still, if it’s as easy as they say to share the albums with no sign in, etc. then it should be a hit.