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5X - 6P
Google’s launch of the Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X overnight had one drawback, with no availability or pricing information for the phones given by Google. We did manage to see a ‘Starting from’ price for the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, but a look at the source code actually reveals almost all the information you want.

All the phones are listed as ‘Leaves warehouse in 1 – 2 business days’ in the code, so it appears we’re merely waiting for a switch to be flicked. On the release date we do have a tip that October 19th could very well be that day – it hasn’t been confirmed, but we’ve not seen much in the way of confirmation on dates for previous Nexus launches.

So. Colour and Price. The table below is what we’ve managed to pull from the source code to make it a little easier for you to work out which colour and which size you want at what price. The only shock is the lack of a 32GB Frost model in the Nexus 6P and we may possibly not get the 128GB Frost either.

Nexus 5X

Ice BlueCarbon BlackQuartz White

Nexus 6P


* The entry for the 128GB Frost Nexus 6P has a status of ‘Nexus 6P (128GB, LTE, Frost) is not available in your country’ in the source code.

The pricing and colours are now up and we have a semi-reliable pre-order date – now let’s see if we can track down some Chromecast Gen 2 and Chromecast Audio info.

Source: Nexus 5X Google Store (source)Nexus 6P Google Store (source).
Thanks: Failstaff.
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sooo, its october 20th *goes to play store* “coming soon” *cries*

Callum Noel Davies

659AUD for the 5X? I paid 400 for my Nexus 5 (and loved it)… I know the Australian dollar is weak at the moment but damn, there’s no way I can justify that purchase.


Too much


> October 19th

US Date? That means Oct 20 in Australia?

Oliver Ward

Looks like the Moto X Play just scored a few more brownie points…


Yup. Sure did. And if its 32GB version was out right now in Australia for Outright sale, it’d line up for it.

Oliver Ward

you could always get the 32gb off eBay. they’re available for less than $600 including shipping, and it’s the same model number as here in OZ and the UK

James Adina

Links/store names plz


I paid $820 for my 32GB nexus 6 and that was in December when the dollar wasn’t as bad.
a 64GB Silver Nexus 6p will do just fine.


The Nexus 6 was horribly overpriced. The Nexus 6P is just plain overpriced, which I guess is something of an advance – but it also has been hit by the ugly stick. No point in looking at it, or the 5X, or probably any phone till the 820 based ones start appearing. Maybe this time next year the LG G5 will have fallen to a reasonable price and will be worth a look. Maybe. Let’s face it, real innovation has ceased in the smartphone world – but rather than the companies consolidating the required features (like Qi charging) and cutting… Read more »

Benjamin Dobell

No 64GB 5X and crazy 6P pricing, even when accounting for GST and the weak Australian dollar – another year of Nexus disappointment. Will have to find something else to replace my ageing Nexus 5.


Yeah that’s what I heard for a Chinese media to say the release date in HongKong

Stephen Crisafulli

I’ve not seen a single person with a Nexus 6 this year and I have a feeling this price will keep it that way. Saw a tone of Nexus 5s and a couple 4s in years previous.


Ow, my groin!

michael george

Waited and waited and the price just killed it for me.Dont expect google to have the latest and greatest, they never did in their phones, but they did have very sharp pricing.

So I bought and Grey import LG 4 for 458 dollars.much more bang for buck.


p.s maybe next time google, will miss you but my pocket is 200 better off.

Daniel Orchard

not happy about the price, 500/550/650usd 899/999/1099 nfi how they got to those. Other countries have much better cost variations. Also, chromecast 35USD/49AUD, Nexus player 99USD/129AUD. Its not like they havent been reasonable latley in other areas. No idea what happened. 5X is the same, stupid australia tax markup…

David Anderton

Can get an LG G4 on ebay for about $550 Australian now. Better specs for the most part and half the price, come on google.

Caleb Johns

My mate bought one last week from eBay . He seems pretty happy with it.

David Anderton

only thing I don’t like about it is the rear speaker


I dunno, the heart is willing, but the flesh (and pocket) is weak. If they had dropped $100 throughout, the price proposition will seem so much more palatable. Don’t see how the Australian GST is applicable in this considering most of them are shipped from Google Asia Pacific (Singapore) and payment made to the same.

Dennis Bareis

Given the Nexus 6 has one, I’ll wait and see what their definition of an RGB led is…


Hey guys, any chance you’ll be doing that pushbullet notification thing again like you did last year for when it becomes available? Cheers

David Smith

Ouch that was more than expected, given the exchange rate from US to AU there’s a fair amount of Australia tax on top of the raw exchange rate conversion


I’m not sure putting blame on the exchange rate is quite right – otherwise you’d see similarly ludicrous movements in pricing on other electronic products as FOREX in itself is a very volatile thing. Google should have long term hedges against FOREX movements which would allow them to pursue consistent pricing policies, rather than having the prices of devices deviating year to year.

Frankly, this is just Google charging a crazy amount of Aus tax.


LUDICROUS pricing… Nexus has jumped the shark

Peter Massey

Wow, the prices are WAYYYY higher than I expected. On paper, there are equivalent, if not better phones available at much more attractive price points.

I’m sort of disappointed with their strategy. All I can wonder is if they figured the recent success of Nexus devices was because they were undercharging and now they’ve “levelled the playing field” with LG, Samsung etc, creating that sense of ‘luxury’ with the price associated.

$900> for what is essentially a Hauwei phone is just ridiculous.


waiting for a sony z5 suddenly seems way more interesting, probably similar priced and at least sd card, waterproof,…


the prices are ridiculous!!! I’d rather go with samsung s6 or lg g4 for better specs at cheaper price

Avon Perera

Urgh Google! Stop with the Aussie hate


I wonder if physical shops will sell them

Glyn Stuckey

Thanks guys for all the coverage. At this point I’m cursing the weak Aussie Dollar!