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The specs are out for Google’s latest phones, the LG built Nexus 5X and the Huawei built Nexus 6P. There’s similarities and differences between the devices bit we’re now being told that one spec that was listed on the Google Store for the Nexus 6P but not the 5X is actually present on both models.

The RGB notification LED is listed on the Google Store almost as a throwaway on the Nexus 6P spec list, coming last under the heading ‘Other’. Whether you use the RGB notification LED or don’t it’s always nice to have and Android Police have confirmed with Google VP of Engineering Dave Burke via email that the phone does indeed have the RGB LED and developers will be able to use it in their apps.

Apparently the Google Store listing for the Nexus 5X will be amended soon to show the RGB notification LED, but it’s nice to know it’s there anyway.

Source: Android PoliceImage Source: reddit.
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Shwetha kodumuru

Looks ugly imo


Will it work? Or will it be like the Nexus 6 notification light, which needs root access to turn it on?

Tony Soprano

I’d assume if it was confirmed by Google that it’d be working by default. The Nexus 6 from last year seemed to have a lot of issues around it’s hardware if I remember correctly. I heard a lot of bad news about it.


The notification light is my only problem with the Nexus 6. Everything else works great. (Disclaimer, when I was with Boost, it would lose cell reception, but now with Yatango, it seems to work fine).

Tony Soprano

That’s strange. Especially considering they both use great networks.