Tuesday , June 5 2018

Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X show up on Google Store in Australia with pricing and a bunch of accessories – coming soon

5X - 6P
After their announement this morning, Google announced two new Nexus phones and they’ve just gone live on the Google Store.

The Nexus 5X and 6P will both be available in the coming weeks according to Google, though exact dates and official pricing has yet to be announced for the local market. The phone specs have been laid out and we’re waiting on official pricing – though US pricing has been announced for both models, with the Nexus 5X starting at US$379 for the 16GB model and US$429 for the 32GB model. The Nexus 6P is priced at US$499 for the 32GB model, US$549 for the 64GB model and $649 for the 128GB model.

Australian pricing
There is some pricing available on the Google Store with pricing for the 5X listed as ‘starting at $659’ and the 6P listed as ‘starting from $899’ – putting the earlier leak of Nexus 6P pricing right on the money, so expect to pay $999 for the 64GB model and $1099 for the 128GB model.

Nexus 5X vs Nexus 6P

Nexus 5X
Nexus 6P
Screen 5.2” FHD with Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 5.7” QHD with Corning® Gorilla® Glass 4
Resolution 1920 x 1080 2560 x 1440
PPI 423 ppi 515 ppi
Processor Snapdragon 808 Snapdragon 810
Cores Hexacore 2 x 2.0 GHz + 4 x 1.5 GHz Octa-core 4 x 2.0 GHz + 4 x 1.6 GHz
GPU Adreno 418 Adreno 430
Storage 16/32GB 32/64/128GB
Rear Camera 12.3MP 1.55μm
Aperture f/2.0
Flash Broad-spectrum CRI-90 dual flash
Auto-focus IR laser-assisted autofocus
Front Camera 5 MP 1.4μm 8 MP 1.4 µm
Aperture f/2.0 f/2.4
Wireless LTE cat. 6
Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac 2×2 MIMO, dual-band (2.4 GHz, 5.0 GHz)
Bluetooth 4.2
Digital compass
Wi-Fi use requires 802.11a/b/g/n/ac access point (router). Syncing services, such as backup, require a Google Account.
4G LTE FDD Bands B1/2/3/4/5/7/8/9/17/18/19/20/26/28 B1/2/3/4/5/7/8/9/17/19/20/28
4G LTE TDD Bands B38/40/41 B38/B39/40/41
3G UMTS B1/2/4/5/6/8/9/19 B1/2/4/5/6/8/9/19
2G GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Speakers Single front-facing speaker Dual front-facing stereo speakers
Sensors Fingerprint sensor
Proximity sensor
Ambient light sensor
Hall sensor
Android Sensor Hub
Android 6.0 Marshmallow 6.0 Marshmallow
Battery 2,700 mAh 3,450 mAh
Dimensions 147.0 x 72.6 x 7.9 mm 159.3 X 77.8 X 7.3 mm
Weight 136 grams 178 grams

In the box, you’ll find various accessories, including a USB Type-C 15W (5V/3A) charger, USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable, USB Type-C to USB Standard-A plug cable, SIM tool, Safety and Warranty information, Quick start guide and a Google Play Music promo card.

Since this article was published, Google has amended the Nexus 5X entry to remove the USB-C to USB-A cable. That cable comes with the Nexus 6P but not the Nexus 5X.

With USB-C now the standard for the Nexus 5X and 6P, Google has added a bunch of USB-C adapters to the Google Store, allowing users to order USB-C Chargers, from $39.99, USB-C to USB-C cables from $29.99, USB-C to USB-A (male) cables from $19.99 and a USB-C to USB-A (Female) adapter from $19.99.
USB - C Accessories

Both the Nexus 5X and 6P have accessories listed with cases starting from just $34 for a basic case and ranging up to $59/$69 for a Folio Case on the 5X/6P. The cases are designed and supplied from Speck, and Adopted and appear to be available to purchase right now.

5X Accessories
6P Accessories

The phones are listed as coming soon and we’ll be definitely updating with more information from Google on pricing and availability when available.

Source: Nexus 5X - Google Store, and Nexus 6P - Google Store.

Daniel Tyson   Editor

Dan is a die-hard Android fan. Some might even call him a lunatic. He's been an Android user since Android was a thing, and if there's a phone that's run Android, chances are he owns it (his Nexus collection is second-to-none) or has used it.

Dan's dedication to Ausdroid is without question, and he has represented us at some of the biggest international events in our industry including Google I/O, Mobile World Congress, CES and IFA.


  1. Nexus day today??? Someone said something about the 16th on launch day…

  2. When is it going to be available to order in Australia? Why announce it then let people sit around for weeks without the ability to even pre-orer?

  3. I thought they must be including the accidental damage cover or starting at 32GB for AU market to make up for the extra $$$, but alas no. “Costs” for Australian market should really be only a couple dollars per handset, not $60. Keep in mind that the US$379 already includes their profit (even after they give away $50 play voucher!). If google avoid paying GST on these phones, they should be torn a new one.

  4. Those prices are excessive… Even when factoring in GST…

  5. And to top it up, the prices for Google’s accessories are bordering on stupid.

    $69 for a phone folio case? For real?! I paid $70 for a 10.5 inch tablet folio with a built in keyboard (Logitech type S for Tab S 10.5).

  6. Damn the Aussie dollar sucks.

  7. Just try to find a good job and then get the 6P. I am wondering why so many people complaint about this? Have you even known the price for iPhone or Samsung phone? They already sold for more than $1000 Australia dollar and people order iPhone still need to wait many weeks to get it. I never heard any complaints from them. But Google still selling it for under $900. If you want to complaint, just complaint the government. I am surprised so many people compare the price with Nexus 4 in 2012, it’s very funny, do you know Australia dollar was quite strong at that time?

  8. I am wondering why Google removed the price on Australia store? Is that not correct?

  9. I went into the source code of the webpages and found the following prices
    Nexus 5X:
    16GB -$659.00 AUD
    32GB – $739.00 AUD

    Nexus 6P:
    32GB – $899.00 AUD
    64GB – 999.00 AUD
    128GB – $1,099.00 AUD

  10. Google “usd379 in aud” and you get $540. So we have to pay another $120 Australia Tax – WTAF google?

  11. Well I was waiting for the sooking to start weeks ago, and here it is. Some here are realists, but most aren’t. It is amazing to me that so many can bash Google over things out of their control despite them delivering exactly what everyone was sooking about last year. I swear they could give the 5X away for free and it still would not be good enough.

    Don’t blame Google for the poor state of the economy our government has stood by and allowed us to fall into. These phones should please the masses, get a job. These phones are worthy of at least 2 years of use with proper care.

    Me? I am still loving my Nexus 6 too much to replace with an what (for me) would be a downgrade. I will only use fingerprint for security if I can do so in association with facial recognition. Screen is too small at 5.7″. Nexus 6 is fast enough for me for now, and it is *just* large enough.

    Grab the Nexus 6 whilst you still can!

    • There’s a big difference between free, the $419 I paid for my 16GB N4 in 2013, and the $659 Google will be asking for the 16GB N5X.

      People are entitled to “sook” if they want to, it’s called an opinion.

      I am so sick to death of supposedly everyday people defending huge companies like Samsung, Apple and Google for their decisions to whack a high price on a device like a smartphone. Why is defending them necessary? Wouldn’t it be in consumers best interests for us ALL to complain about the ridiculously high prices? Are you REALLY that happy to pay over $650 for a smartphone?

      Let’s be honest; The N5X and N6P probably cost under $100 AUD per unit (if that) to put together in some Chinese factory. They don’t HAVE to charge $659 per phone to make a good profit. I reckon that they made a good profit on the N4 and N5, but decided to be greedy with the N6, N5X and N6P. They are going to alienate a lot of buyers by pricing their “low end” Nexus phone at over $650…

      “It is amazing to me that so many can bash Google over things out of their control despite them delivering exactly what everyone was sooking about last year”

      NO. We “sooked” about them attaching a high price tag last year (for the N6), and they have done it yet again. I would have bought the N6 had it not been for the high price tag.

      • I take issue with him calling out people for ‘sooking,’ but he has a point. The pricing for us is kinda outside Google’s control this time. The 5X is only US$ 30 more than the 5, our dollar’s just getting murdered, so there’s now a A$ 200+ difference.

        • how conversion + GST leaves the nexus 5x at $596 not $660… just saying. And amongst companies its no secret australians pay more on average and wont complain! Our economy is below what its been before but thats still overcharging considering i can get a note 5 for as cheap as $800 AUD, a oneplus 2 as cheap as $540 or a elephone p800 for $240 thats a massive rip off.

          • You’re not considering economies of scale. Per unit, it’s cheaper for companies to sell to Americans than it is an isolated country with small population like ours. It’s why even the $350 to $420 Nexus 5 wasn’t a simple currency conversion. I’m not saying we’re not getting screwed (I want the 5X too), but you can’t blame Google for the dollar and relatively high cost of operating in this country,

          • Australian consumer law. Also known as Australia tax. They have to charge more here because it costs more to sell here due to that law. Didn’t know they sold the OnePlus2 in AU? Or are you just doing USD conversion whilst ignoring shipping? Doesn’t add up. Also, the experience between the two phones for me is chalk and cheese. I would say “go and buy a note then” but I wouldn’t tell anyone to do that, I would feel horrible.

            There are cheap phones. Plenty of them! You can even get them at supermarkets!

      • probably considering it costs just under $300 AUD to make an iphone and they sell them for $1000+

        • Where are you getting those numbers?

          If even OnePlus with its Chinese contacts, barely there profit margins, and nonexistent overhead can only go as low as US$ 330 with a comparable handset, what does this tell you? The only way Google can ‘make’ the 5X at < AU$ 300 as you suggest, is if they controlled the process from top to bottom, from owning mines to smelters. They still have to buy components from the likes of Sony, Qualcomm, etc who all make a cut. Even with bulk discounts, good luck getting that under AU$ 300.

          • One Plus One doesn’t have barely there profit margins, they just control the supply so they can keep the prices down. One Plus is probably charging about 70-100% extra on costs to make, so yeah…

          • I’d like to see a citation or bill or materials for this ’70-100% profit margin’ you guys keep talking about, because it’s implausible. The S6 Edge teardown has a cost to manufacture of US$ 375. The 1+2 is lower specced, but it almost certainly costs more than 50% of that (while selling at US$ 330-380).

            Compare this to the iPhone’s US $200-250 cost, and that’s with Apple’s economy of scale, so you can safely assume the 1+2 fits in between there. Even excluding marketing budget, you’re also not considering mandatory overhead via RnD, warranty, customer service, etc. Yeah. ’70-100% profit’ is real believable.

          • One Plus initial marketing budget was $300

            They claimed early on to be making single digit profit per phone, but that doesn’t tell us much cause they are a new company with new company overheads.

            70-100% markup on costs is still probably accurate, although calling it profit was probably not the best terminology given how easy you’ve jumped on it rather then taking the context of the conversation.

          • Really? You think it’s plausible that they spent $300 on marketing per unit? You think that sounds sensible? So assuming an initial through-rate of 1 million sales, they spent $300 MILLION on marketing?

            “70-100% markup on costs”

            Citation needed. I don’t know exactly how much it costs 1+ to make a phone, but from rough estimates based upon other handsets, it’s probably somewhere between $200-300 to manufacture each unit, excluding other operating costs, i.e. nowhere close to this 70-100% figure you’re suggesting.

          • I’d like to see a citation or bill or materials for this ’70-100% profit margin’ you guys keep talking about, because it’s implausible. The S6 Edge teardown has a cost to manufacture of US$ 375. The 1+2 is lower specced, but it almost certainly costs more than 50% of that (while selling at US$ 330-380).

            Compare this to the iPhone’s US $200-250 cost, and that’s with Apple’s economy of scale, so you can safely assume the 1+2 fits in between there. Even excluding marketing budget, you’re also not considering mandatory overhead via RnD, warranty, customer service, etc. Yeah. ’70-100% profit’ is real believable.

      • $100 per unit. If that. Really? That is what you think they cost? Don’t suppose you are forgetting things like RnD, warranty, support, software, updates, shipping, risk and return on investment? Wow. Any wonder it seems you want it for about AUD$101. Telstra Rush might be a match made in heaven.

        When your 2012 phone was purchased, the AUD was likely stronger than the USD. It has plummeted since the last election to 70% of of that value. Now you have to pay 1.4x the cost or more. Not. Google’s. Fault. Whose fault is it though?

        • Unless you KNOW something I don’t (and if you do, let’s have a source, please…), then YES, that’s what I think it probably costs to put together a single smartphone. They aren’t being assembled by rocket scientists. Of course the manufacturer is going to play up the price it costs them to assemble a single device… They don’t want consumers to realize just how much profit they are making off each unit.

          I never said I wanted it for $101. I’m quite happy to pay $350 to $500 for a smartphone. And at that price range, Google/whoever would still make a hefty profit, in my opinion. To demonstrate my point, the Nexus 4 had sold approximately 400,000 units within 3 months of its release (according to articles on the Verge and the Guardian websites). For the sake of this argument, let’s assume they sold 400,000 of the $299 USD 8GB model (the lowest priced model)… That still works out at almost $119,600,000 USD. I doubt very much that it cost them anywhere near $120 million USD to pay for RnD, warranty, support, software, updates, shipping, risk and return on investment.

          • $100? I don’t think you know a thing about what it costs to run a business and produce things.

          • Okay, I am just going to radically disagree with you and leave it at that. But hey when you get that business up and running that makes Nexus 5X quality smartphones as good as Google does for 100 bucks a throw, post back here and I will buy one for $110. Actually I would even pay $120. Definitely not $130 though, that would be a rip off.

    • Quit defending the indefensible. Even with the weak dollar and GST (optionally) levied, Google is still gouging Australian consumers $60 for the base 5X and more than $100 for the base 6P.

    • You’re joking, aren’t you mate? I have NO problems with paying GST + the amount to convert the USD to AUD. But this is close to $200 OVER those prices for the 6P. No one here expects things for FREE as you’ve stated, we just feel a level playing field should be in order. Consider the Chromecast for a moment, $35 usd is converted to 49 AUD. The price it’s selling for here.
      In 2013 the N5 was $50 more here than it was in the US and the AU dollar was almost on parity with the USD. So if you add GST on to that price, you’ve got the extra $50 we were being charged.

      The point I am making is this, I want to buy a new phone, I wan’t to buy a new Nexus, I don’t expect it for free, but I also don’t expect to get OVER charged when purchasing. Plain and simple. Call it sooking all you like, but if you’re going to be doing so, please explain to me and everyone else here why you’re happy to defend Google in this situation? You’ve given no reason, and if you’re going to blame our economic situation / government, give better explanations.

      In Australia we are ALWAYS asked to pay far more than any other country. WHY? No big company (remember Adobe dodging the question 2 years ago over the Master Suite pricing) can give us an explanation as to why.. NONE!!!

      • Calm down. The US price doesn’t include sales tax, which will vary depending on what state you’re in. We just have the flat GST.

        • Bro, did you even read the comment you’re responding to? They already mentioned this.
          In the US, the cheapest 6P costs $499. According to Google, that’s about $712 AUD. Add 10% for GST, and you get less than $790. Why, then, does it cost over $100 more than that?

          • RnD to support local regulations, Australian consumer law, import duty, shipping into the country, local support / service presence, risk of currency fluctuations, insurance. Do you think these things happen for free?

          • Import taxes for goods worth less than $1000 are 0 (and are additionally 0 for simple consumer electronics). Shipping costs are about equal between Australia & China and Australia & the US. Support is almost certainly not going to be local, certainly not in any significant way.
            The AUD is currently at about a 7 year low. Sure, it could drop further, but it seems more likely to come back the other way and make this price even more outrageous. Even so, it would be massively preferable for them to price it reasonably for *now*, and update the price if the currency drops further, rather than gouging us now just in case.
            Australian Consumer Law is great, but doesn’t offer that much more than what most major consumer electronics retailers offer voluntarily in the US. Not to mention I doubt anywhere near enough people actually exercise their rights (or even *know about them*) here in Australia for it to have a significant impact on the cost of doing business for a company selling online without a physical presence here. I’d be interested in some hard sources that refute that, if there are any.
            RnD costs should be included in the cost of the phone anywhere, so shouldn’t account for any difference between Australian and US prices.

            We are being price gouged, and there is really no defence for that, so would you please stop trying? I love Google far more than most, but attempting to defend their pricing on hardware is just laughable.

          • Okay, so you think changing price is as simple as updating a number in a database? Certainty in the market place is of incredible importance. Do you think Optus is going to buy into the Nexus ecosystem if Google says “it costs X now, but next week might cost X + 7%”. I am sorry, but it just cannot work without stability. “it seems not likely” is not good enough for any business to outlay hundreds of millions of dollars. Many may not know their rights with regard to consumer law, but Google MUST abide by the law. Therefore they must factor the cost in. Who knows what a class action could do. Google is not our buddy and going to give us mates rates. They are in it to ensure they make a profit. I don’t see a problem, it is not like the are charging 1000% of the price in the US. Also, power in AU is not the same as in America, so they need to design and deploy equipment specifically for this market with a much smaller user footprint. They also have to have local repair centres trained and applied with parts in advance. If a us retailer wants to add free additional warranty or support that is their cost, not Google’s like it is for consumer law in Australia.

            We are not being price gouged so will you please stop trying??

          • I think you’ve got it wrong to be honest.
            Think back to the Nexus 5 days. The AU dollar was on parity with the USD.
            Now, the 32GB model was 399 USD.
            So that would be 399 AUD. It was actually sold in AUD in the Google store for 450. I paid 470 because they charged 20 AUD for shipping.

            Do the maths on that based on what you’re stating above.

            From what I can tell all they did was add 10% for GST (because the USD didn’t need converting because it was on parity with the AUD) and round it up to the nearest 10. There’s nothing in there that says they added some random 15% that you’ve been talking about. If they had, the N5 35GB in Australia would have cost OVER 500 (506 to be precise) AUD. And that would not include shipping. So all up (with your magical 15%) the price should have been 529 (rounded to the nearest 10) AUD.

            So, why didn’t this 15% tax get applied 2 years ago with the N5?!?!?!

          • Thats okay because I think you have got it wrong to be honest. I feel like you are doing a great job of proving my points. (Edit) 470 ÷ 399 is 1.17, or about a 17 percent premium, by your own information. I believe neither the Nexus 4 or 5 were sold in the retail channel in Australia, they only sold from the play store if memory serves me correctly. Therefore no GST was required on the sale. You should have an emailed invoice so you can verify no GST was paid.

            Nexus 6 and now 5X and 6P have all made it to Australia’s retail channel. Google cannot under cut their retail partners prices which must include GST. Doing so would cause them to commit retail channel suicide. So these models will require an additional 10 percent of total cost added in this market. Google may pocket this for sales from their Google store, or may actually pay it as GST (I hope they pay GST to be honest). Regardless, if I was right it should be somewhere around 25 % over the USD pricing. I will let you do the math (or go to Android police for a rundown), but in most cases we are getting off just under…drumroll… 25%!

            Thanks for helping with the evidence though!

          • I just checked my invoice… It has GST. Want to try again buddy?
            Also, the Nexus 5 eventually ended up being sold in JB Hi-Fi at a higher rate than Google were selling it direct from the Play store. So once again, you’re wrong!

            Serious question, do you work for Google? I’ve been using Android for years and I think Google is one of the best and most honest large tech companies going around, but I can admit when they’re doing something wrong. You, for some unknown reason, cannot.

          • How much GST? i checked mine and whilst the word GST appears on the order, it says “Includes GST of 0.00”

            Also interesting your comment about jb, that seems to be the last year they undercut their own partners. Not good business.

            There are things I don’t appreciate like avoiding GST/tax that I have heard rumours about. But no I don’t work for Google. I just don’t think their costs are unreasonable given the current market conditions.

          • GST 10%. Well, the invoice doesn’t say that, it says, Includes 42.63 of GST. Which, based on the price, is 10%.

            Yes, I know this because my cousin was working for JB at the time and he told me the price and it was much higher than what I had paid.

            Seems as though Google were paying the 10% GST but now are adding the extra cost on top so they can align with traditional retail partners (JB etc). Personally I would rather they sell direct to consumers for the price + 10% (GST) only. Which would make the 6P 32GB $100 less than it will be sold for. If Google are serious about breaking the stranglehold carriers have on the industry and OEMs who overprice their phones, then this isn’t the best way to go about it. The N5 route was the better way.

          • Remember though, that would exclude people from purchasing through carriers, which is by far the most common way anyone I know acquires phones. I don’t think we should exclude the majority to appease the minority.

            Also, everyone I know has 0 GST on their orders as well. That includes the company I work for which purchased N4, N5, N9, and cases too. I have never paid GST to the play or Google store for anything including my recurring music subscription. I will stop short of calling you a liar and go with I don’t believe what you say about your GST component is accurate.

          • More than happy to send you a screenshot of my n5 invoice if you like?!?!

            Also, my google play music subscription has GST of $0 too.

          • I have just double and triple checked the invoice of my N5 to make sure I wasn’t going completely mad, and both the shipping confirmation and the initial payment invoice and both list the GST as “Includes GST of $42.63”.

            again, more than happy to send you a screenshot so you can see for yourself. Why would I lie about something like this?!? Serious question.

          • It’s okay, screenshots can be fake too. Some people go to extreme lengths to be right, that’s all.

            Look, will accept that your invoice has the GST. That actually gives me some faith that Google pays some GST. Wish I could have claimed it back on my order, every little bit helps. I expect you checked with friends though? And that theirs has 0?

            I am sure there is an explanation as to why you are seeing this (or why I have not).

            I still think 15 percent is a acceptable import cost with all the complexity considered. Maybe Google made some mistakes, and hence losses, on some Nexus devices…

          • Yes, they can be faked, but I would be upfront and honest here, as my original frustration was directed at Google, and not you. So if I had made a mistake, I wouldn’t have any issues owning up to it.

            No, I didn’t check with the other two people I know that have purchased N5s, I did, however go back further (2012) and check the invoice I had been sent from Google Play in regards to my Nexus 7 purchase. And that too includes the following “Includes GST of $29.00”. So from my experience, though it appears yours isn’t the same, Google, for at least 3 years, have been charging GST on hardware purchases. My music subscription, on the other hand, seems to always have the following “(Includes GST of $0.00)”.

          • Interested in the date of your Nexus 5 purchase… I have dug up my Nexus 7 invoice… I can confirm GST was paid on that invoice. Well done!

          • Purchased Nov 1, 2013. Basically the day it was added to the Play store. When was yours purchased?

          • Really? So 240V power plugs/chargers cost $100 more than 110V units?

            If you look at a charger closely, most of them now have the same circuitry inside, and the only thing that’s different is the pins/legs of the plugs. So changing a US plug to AU plug adds $50-100 to the price of the device?

            And talking about repair centres, Google don’t even have a drop-in repair centre…they simply send you a satchel, you return the phone in it and they ship it back to you.

            And who says manufacturers can’t adjust prices down the track? Apple revised prices for the iPhone 6 earlier this year, each model went up by as much as $150 in some instances…

          • Okay and that satchel, replacement device and the processes behind it, have no higher cost to run out in Australia with our minimum wage laws? What justification do you have that it costs the same or less to do that in Australia vs the US?

            Can they throw that US charger into AU boxes with just different plugs without Australian regulatory approval? What other certifications are required of the phone? Are there just as many people out here who will buy the phones as in America to divide that cost between? Or should the Americans just pay it out of their pockets?

            Apple can do what they want because iSheep. Even they don’t change their prices willy nilly. When was their last price change before that?

            The point is, few know how complicated and costly it is to distribute products in different countries. Just because they are oblivious doesn’t mean they can shout that Google is gouging from the rooftops and start petitions when they really have no idea what is required to distribute a product in any specific country.

            Start buying products that are Australian made only, and take a close look at what happens to your bank balance. Then tell me it costs no more to business in Australia.

          • Australian phones don’t even necessarily need the “A Tick” any more…the CE certification is sufficient now (otherwise every single device imported from Kogan/QD/Expansys would be illegal).

            And what’s there to say they carry out the actual repairs in AU? For all it matters, they could simply be collecting returned units and returning them to somewhere they can be repaired more cheaply. Those are then used as refurbs that are exchanged in warranty.

            And Americans also have laws for refunds/exchanges…we don’t return phones disproportionately do we?

            Fact is, Google is charging $100+ premiums on the devices when the price is adjusted for exchange rates plus all taxes. And mind you, the USD price would already include a profit margin Google are happy with.

          • Yes, or laws mean the potential return rate of our phones is higher than the US.

            You are completely missing my point though… The cost of doing business in Australia is higher than in the US. More work has to be done to sell out here than if Google sold in the US only. We have to pay those costs, and for every additional cost I come up with there are an unknown number more neither of us even have a clue about. 4 hours additional labour is not a huge premium to pay.

            Vote with your wallet…

      • I answered this further down. Australian consumer law brings the cost of doing business in Australia up. It is actually a very simple answer. We get more rights than other countries, and get charged more for the privilege. The am sorry to inform you, but the playing field is definitely not level. And it is not by design of Google (or Apple, Adobe, or Samsung etc). You need to complain to the government, possibly via the ACCC.

        • I don’t see why it should affect the nexus which will be sold online and manufactured overseas. If it had to be sold in stores or manufactured here then yeah it should cost more due to many of our regulations to protect us. But seeing as the only thing they will have to do here is send it via post and give us a 12 month warranty which I would think any reputable electronics company would willingly do, I can’t imagine many of our rights burdening Google.

          I expected the Nexus 5x to be $600 AUD or maybe $620 due to a bit of tax and other costs related to shipping. But maybe the other $50 is a buffer in case the aussie dollar goes lower so they don’t have to increase prices again down the track?

          But Realistically we’re not paying that much extra (assuming that the price includes a GST portion), so I’m not concerned. It just feels like we are because of how weak the aussie dollar is these days. But we’ll just have to get used to it.

          • Do you think Google is going to sell these phones via the Channel? IE Harvey Norman, JB HiFi, the Good Guys, Optus, other carriers? Google is still definitely going to sell it in their own web store, yes. But how can they do that AND expect to sell via retail partners if they undercut them on their own web store by such a huge margin? No one would take the phones into bricks and mortar stores, have to abide by consumer law, add GST, deal with so many other things that we are oblivious to.

            It is easy for the people who do not understand these things to simply do a USD to AUD conversion and cry foul, but that is sooooooooooo much more to the entire process that most people simply have no clue about (and wouldn’t be expected to).

            I agree in that the AUD is making the major difference here. The rest of the margin is only about 15% which I personally think is reasonable when I consider how different we are to the USA.

            I blame the government for this cost blowout. How awesome would all these phones be if we were only paying USD + 15% like we were back in the Nexus 4/5 days?

          • I didn’t know google was planning to sell in stores. What are these big differences between Australian and US consumer laws? And how have they changed since the nexus 4/5 days? Also, from what I’ve read if I recall correctly, the new nexus’ will be more expensive in every country other than the US. Not just Australia. At the end of the day Australians have a much higher standard of living and median income than the Americans have, which dwarf the small difference in price after conversion. So we should just chill out.

  12. Have they removed the price? I can’t seem to put my eyes on those prices on the Google store.

  13. $659 minimum for a Nexus experience? No thanks, Google.

  14. Those are about the prices I was budgeting for and so will likely go for the 64gb Nexus 6P. Silly question, is the 4G band that Vodafone use here supported?

  15. Holy crap!!! $499 US to $899 AUD? Seriously, even with the crappy Aussie dollar and the GST on top this is just stupid! And with a whole bunch of features missing this is coming out comparable price-wise with the Note 5 which has better specs and better features in a much smaller package.

  16. I think this pushes me to the moto x style, $999 for 64gb is just a bit much to stomach

  17. Okay, the 5X may be the phone we’ve been waiting for… but not the price we’ve been waiting for. What’s the best option for a $500.00 phone?

    • LG G4 – it’s been available on import for under $500 and is all round a better phone than the 5X, whilst being about the same size.

      • I might be purchasing a phone today to take advantage of the Ebay sale, but while I was thinking G4, I think I’ll go S6 instead, since the 15% brings it within my price range. I know the S6 has its issues, but I really love the look of the hardware compared to the G4. Poor battery life I can deal with since I drive in and work from a desk.

    • Z3 compact if you don’t mind the 4.6″ screen size. Best battery life of any Android smartphone. Even today, nothing has come out that surpasses it, the Moto X Play comes close.

      I picked mine up for under $450AU about half a year ago.

  18. Australia tax much?

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  19. And the trend continues where I get less because I want the smaller phone. Lesser processor, lesser camera features, lesser build quality. Humph!

    • Get on the sony bandwagon. Z5 compact with snapdragon 810 and it is rumoured not to overheat even in the smaller body. Or get the full size Z5 same 5.2″ screen size as the 5X.

      • The Z5 Compact is definitely under consideration. My main concern is Sony’s camera software. I had the original Z and the Z3 Compact and found the cameras slow to launch and lacking detail in the captured image. I personally wonder if Sony purposely under develop their imaging stack for phones so as not to cannibalise sales of their excellent and successful Compact cameras.

        • Sony’s camera is inconsistent. However, using manual mode and selecting 4:3 aspect and 20.7 Mpixel the detail in some photos can be amazing.

          • Yeah, bypassing the aggressive ISP settings that reduce the quality to 8MP probably helps but I love quick access and an auto mode that just nails it. My S6 is that phone. Sometimes I have limited time to get a shot.

          • If camera is more important then battery life or all round general usability then the Samsung flagship phones have always been the best Android phones to get. Personally I can’t stand Touchwiz and the impact it’s had on usability (both slugishness and so much bloat to get to where you want quickly).

            I wish Samsung, Moto, LG, Sony e.t.c would build a phone that looked good, had great battery life and camera performance and had good usability. So far no Android manufacturer has cracked all four. Not even Apple’s really managed it either with their poor battery life history.

          • The mitigation for Samsung’s awful UI has been custom themes. I’m running a Material Dark theme that’s really nice and extends outside of the launcher and app drawer and into the settings menus.

            Fir me the performance hasn’t been amazing but definitely acceptable compared to previous Samsung models.

          • So I’m about to pull the trigger on an S6 on ebay – am I making a wise move?

            Should reiterate that battery life isn’t a bit deal for me and build/materials are – and after using a family member’s old iPhone 5S since I shattered my Nexus 5 screen, camera quality is becoming a big deal.

          • Construction & materials are excellent. Camera is awesome. Display is amazing. Performance is decent. Battery is average but fast charging is great.

            Sounds like a good fit based on what you’re saying.

          • I think you might have convinced me – and $569 with the ebay discount is a great price.

          • I paid $999 on launch day! But I don’t regret it. They threw in a $170 pair of headphones for preorderingpreordering too.

            So, yeah, $569 sounds fair, so long as the radio bands match your Carrier’s.

          • Good point – I’ll double check.

      • Does the ZX have a good track record of keeping up to date with OS updates relative to Nexus? If so, I might get the Z5 Premium.

        • I’d say recently yes Sony’s update speed is pretty good. Similar to Samsung and HTC. The only company that gets close to Nexus like speedy updates is Motorola (although I believe the AU Moto branch is very slow).

          In Australia I’d say the telco you are with determines the speed more than manufacturer. I previously had a Telstra branded Sony that took over 3 months to get updates after Sony had released them. Telstra’s fault for the slow rollout there.

          tl;dr so many factors determine speed of updates, sometimes outside the manufacturers control.

        • Sony have improved with updates in the last 12 months. And they haven’t butchered the Android UI in the process either. They do have a fair bit of app bloat though.

  20. No Wireless Charging
    No OIS
    No Stereo Speakers
    No microSD slot
    No 3GB memory
    No Notification LED
    No fit in pocket

    $659, at least a $100 rip off.

    No way, jose.

    Google have lost their tiny minds.

  21. No wireless charging is a massive bummer but other than that they both seem like great phones. The Aussie dollar is the killer right now though. At that pricing and the lack of first round release in Australia I’ll be sitting back on my N5 and waiting for all the reviews to roll in.

    • You think that the AU $$ is a killer. try us Kiwis . The 32gig 6P is $1099. Yes Google just loves to price gouge us in AU and NZ..

    • agreed, i had wireless charging down as one of those features that I wanted and given the nexus history of wireless charging i felt confident of it being here.

      Its interesting looking at the number of devices that have been released this year that have it (Samsung, LG and an earlier Sony device)… it feels like a real departure of from the feature in lieu only giving fast charging.

  22. Think I might try to VPN a 6P 32GB. xe converts the US price to $714 which is a huge difference in price.

  23. Desperately need to upgrade my Nexus 4 but starting at $659 is a bit steep. I haven’t researched enough yet but the Nexus 6 is around $500 which seems better value? Or is it too old now to consider?

  24. Personally, I think that 16GB in 2015 is way to little storage for any device. Cheap or not, without Micro SD augmentation, 16GB is just too limited. Bad move by Google.

  25. Not prepared to call the 5X pricing a rip-off – I’ve never agreed with the complaints that Nexus devices should always be dirt cheap – but hot damn, this pricing does scratch me out of the game for a while.

  26. Dang! That is disappointingly expensive. I was looking at the 5X to replace my aging HTC One, but now I’ll have to reconsider 🙁

  27. Starting at $659 for Nexus 5X so called budget device, that’s way to expensive in IMO. Glad I went for the Moto X Play instead.
    EDIT: I guess that is mainly the Aussie Dollars fault

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