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At their event in San Francisco, Google will be announcing a few new devices, including two new Chromecasts, two new Nexus phones, some Google Play goodies and possibly some more surprises. The Nexus phones are the big news, and though we’ve been seeing specs for some time, pricing and availability – at least for Australia hasn’t been available, at least until now. A new leak has shown up showing the price for the Nexus 6P in a number of locations across the world.

The leak shows off pricing in AUD and the Nexus 6P isn’t going to be cheap, with the 32GB model starting at $899, the 64GB for $999 and the 128GB model for $1099. If the microSD card slot we saw mentioned in the FCC doco turns out to not be present, that makes this one heck of an expensive phone. Pricing for a number of regions, is as follows:

Spec wise we expect a 5.7″ phone with a Snapdragon 810 v2.1 SoC, 3GB RAM, 12.3MP rear camera with 1.55μm sensor for better low-light ability, 8MP front camera, and premium aluminium metal body construction. The phone will have fingerprint sensor on the rear and a 3,450mAh battery powering the device as well.

The Nexus 6P will be available in four colours: silver, graphite gray, “Ice Flower” (white) and gold, though Gold is expected to only be available in Japan.

We’ll find out more about the Nexus 6P in a short while. Stay tuned to our live blog, with Chris live on the ground in San Francisco for all the latest details.

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Via: Android Police.
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That’s just basically GAYYY……


I was quite interested in the n6p but that that price I can’t justify buying it and leave my g4

Andrew Melder

Nexus 5x – from $659
Nexus 6p – from $899

Aussie dollar making these phones far less tempting


Nexus 6: $650 US, $870 AUD
Nexus 6P: $500 US, $900 AUD

Go **** yourself.

James Adina

wow so true, stupidest prices eva its like iphone US $650, australia $1000


I’m packing up. They won’t take my money. Not available in Australia until a few more weeks.


With the current rate of the AUD, we will get smashed. Then the Australia tax… 32GB: USD500 = AUD710, add 10% GST and you should be at 799 max. 899 is a $100 gouge. 64GB: USD550 = 785, add 10% GST and you get AUD 865….999 is another $130ish on top. 128GB: USD650 = AUD928, Add 10% GST and you’re at 1000ish… Bear in mind US prices *exclude* taxes. On each model there’s about a $100 premium over the exchange rate + GST price… Mediocre value at best. For similar money, there are more refined options, esp when it comes… Read more »


I’m feeling a bit nauseous. Even with our shoddy dollar, it might be a good time to start looking at the G4, S6 or 1+2 on eBay to take advantage of that promotion ending today.


The G4 does indeed seem the best value device right now…great camera, more than decent performance from the chipset, removable battery, expandable memory and a reasonable price to go along.


that’s the cost of doing business in Australia unfortunately- see the moto X posts. I am thinking the 128gb. if i’m already paying 1k, whats another $100 to double my storage?


That’s a good point on storage.


That’s one spicy meatball.


Crazy prices when you do the conversion at xe dot com. Nearly $200 more than the straight conversion.

Pixy Misa

There’s a reason for that – the Aussie dollar is expected to keep going down over the next 12 months, and they don’t want to have to adjust prices every couple of months.