Nexus 6P - Optus
The launch of the Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X has of course led to the main questions of when, where and how much from most Android fans. The questions are slowly being answered, with pricing, colour options and a possible launch date now available – now our attentions are turning to carriers. We’ve asked the big three and we’re pleased to see that at least one carrier will be rocking a Nexus, even if it is only one.

Optus has confirmed that they will be carrying the Nexus 6P, but unfortunately haven’t advised the same for the Nexus 5X. That could just mean they are negotiating still, or that they just won’t be carrying it. We will see more information on availability and pricing for the Nexus 6P closer to launch.

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it is already expensive from the play store. it’ll be even more expensive from Optus!

Alex Gerontzos

If the glaxay note 5 32gb costs $984 from Optus and its $899 n6p 32gb from Google I would hope it would be cheaper on contract.

Yusuf I S

Man this looks like a really good phone. Just bought a Note 5 two weeks ago. I’m wondering if I did the right move, but that I’m not happy with it, just 6P has pure Android and quick updates, the stereo speakers a bonus too

Ang Deng Seng

I can’t wait for them to tell us how much more expensive it is to buy from them than google US, and then sulk my way to vodafone to get the moto x style instead

Onel Benjamin

My only question is, will Optus slow down the OTA roll out like Vodafone did with the Galaxy Nexus?

Marné Prinsloo

Of course they will. It will happen, but because it’s a Nexus, you know how to get around that 😉

Onel Benjamin

Sure do! This also means they will have their crappy apps will be installed? (sorry, never got my phones from a carrier before)

Daniel Tyson

Usually they’ve been pretty good, it’s usually stuff like MyOptus which i use to recharge my Optus PrePaid. But again, once you flash stock firmware that’s all out 😉

Ang Deng Seng

How much do you think Optus will charge for a $899 RRP phone with a monthly plan of $40, and will there be an announcement on when it will come out?


Google still can’t put their foot down when it comes to carrier apps.


Telstra murdered the Galaxy Nexus OTA updates. And not much better with the Nexus 5 updates. But we got around that.

Tony Soprano

As an Optus user myself, they’re by far one of the quickest networks for updates.


I wonder if Telstra will join the party as they’ve treated Nexus devices as black sheep in the past

Glyn Stuckey

I’m hoping that Telstra do.

Marné Prinsloo

They’ve had the Nexus 5, at a pretty premium before… GoogleStore still the best place to get it… if you have the cash upfront of course.

Marné Prinsloo

Good news!