At this morning’s press event, Google gave us some updated device activation numbers that show a significant jump since our last update (from Google I/O), and disclosed some basic Chromecast sales numbers.

The biggest number belongs to Google’s overall device activations. At Google I/O we heard that Android had crossed the 1 billion active device line, today Google CEO Sundar Pichai told us that there are now 1.4 billion 30-day active devices. The growth in devices comes thanks to a doubling of Android’s user base in markets like Indonesia and Vietnam, both markets where Google’s Android One devices are starting to gain a foothold.

Google’s also proud of the fact that their Google Play store has now crossed the 1 billion 30-day users line. That’s the number of users who’ve accessed the Play store in the last 30 days, which is also the figure Google uses for Platform Versions in the Android Developer Dashboards page.

Finally, Mario Quieroz (VP Product Management) let out some global sales figures for Chromecast – now a little over two years old, and a little younger than that if you’re talking international sales. The number’s pretty basic, but impressive – Google’s saying there’s now 20 million Chromecasts sold. That’s a lot of people casting a lot of streams to their TVs.