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If you though Google would forget about the original Chromecast owners with the launch of next-gen Chromecast hardware yesterday morning, don’t worry. Google has updated their Chromecast offers with a return of the free Movie rental through Google Play Movies, and the 30-day Crunchy Roll trial.

The free movie rental is pretty simple, redeem the offer and you can then rent a movie from Google Play Movies from a collection of titles. The offer expires on December 31, 2015. Once redeemed a focus is presented with a selection of titles, but it seems to apply to almost any movie in Google Play Movies.

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For those not familiar, Crunchy Roll is a specialty streaming video service offering anime over the internet, obviously with Chromecast support. Their library includes a massive amount of ad-free, HD Anime that you can stream to your TV for 30-days with this trial offer. You need a valid credit card or PayPal account and you will be charged $6.95 at the end of the trial if you don’t cancel it. The offer is good until the 1st of November so if you’re into Anime, this is a pretty good deal.

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As you can see above, the Deezer+ offer is still active, as is the 90-day Google Play Music trial for those who haven’t tried the service out previously.

To redeem your offers, connect to the same Wi-Fi network as your Chromecast and go to chromecast.com/offers.

Source: Chromecast SupportChromecast.com/offers.