We now have confirmation from Huawei that it’s much anticipated Android Wear device, simply the Huawei Watch, will be available in Australia on 15 October through retailers including Harvey Norman, JR Duty Free, Dick Smith Move, JB Hi-Fi, selected jewellers and Huawei Kiosks nationally.

Announced at MWC earlier this year, we got a much closer and more intimate look at the Huawei Watch while touring San Francisco with them earlier this week. As you can see above, it actually is a rather stunning timepiece, so much so that Google chose to use the Huawei Watch to showcase the best of Android Wear at its September 29 event.

Huawei has highlighted the following features of the Watch:

  • Pure craftsmanship – the Huawei Watch is hand-crafted with the finest materials and pin-point precision. The watch is made of over 130 components and is quality-tested for over 650 hours.
  • Over 40 customisable watch faces – never has a smartwatch been more customisable than the Huawei Watch. With over 40 customisable watch faces, make your watch suit any occasion.
  • Fits any 18mm watch brand –  you can personalise the Huawei Watch with any 18mm strap or band.
  • In-built gyroscope, accelerometer, 6-Axis motion sensor, and heart-rate monitor – the Huawei Watch helps track your activities anywhere, anytime, and can distinguish between different physical activities, including walking, running and climbing.
  • Magnetic Pogo Pin charger – the power-saving design of the charger sports a 300mAh Li-battery, which conveniently magnetically connects the Huawei Watch and fully recharges the battery within  75 minutes.

Having used just about every Android Wear device released, I can say without a doubt that this is one of my favourites; it looks and feels great on, has reasonably good battery life (well over 24 hours) and it looks like an honest-to-goodness normal watch most of the time, unlike some of the other competitors.

The Huawei Watch is available from October 15, 2015 at Harvey Norman, JR Duty Free, Dick Smith Move, JB Hi-Fi, selected Jewellers and Huawei Kiosks nationally.


Silver & Black Leather Band      $549 RRP (incl GST)

Silver & Silver Mesh Strap          $649 PPR (incl GST)

Silver & Silver Link Bracelet      $649 RRP (incl GST)

Black & Black Link Bracelet       $749 RRP (incl GST)

Ausdroid travelled to San Francisco with Huawei to attend Google’s 29 September Nexus event.

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Is this going to be the same experience where i goto jb and Harvey Norman on the 15th and they have no fucking clue about it? . That was my experience when there was a so called release of the LG g watch r.

Mit Lolas

I get the prices are high…but kudos to Huawei for not price gouging. (it’s the US price by the exchange rate plus our GST)

vijay alapati

Silver & Silver Link Bracelet – $649 RRP (incl GST)

These are the prices for the Flagships few years back 🙁


If only the AUS $ was not so bad right now. $100 cheaper and I might be tempted. Nice to be able to see it in person though