In November 1989, Back to the Future 2 saw Doc Brown, Marty McFly travel forwards in time to Hill Valley in October 2015 – while we’re not airing Jaws 23, don’t have flying cars, self lacing Nike’s or hoverboards, well, we almost have the last one, we do have a nice update to Brisbane based development house Halfbrick Studios Jetpack Joyride that includes a few Back to the Future goodies for you to play.

For the month of October, there’s a heap of great extras including a new game mode, new costumes, vehicles and of course you’ll be collecting Flux Capacitors now which will add time or let you purchase extra characters. The updates are free for this month, but if you love Back to the Future, and who doesn’t? You can pay US$9.99 to keep the features as part of the ‘Future Bundle – Great Scott that’s good value (I`m so sorry for that terrible reference).

The new update includes:

  • New game mode inspired by Back to the Future (October only)
  • Two new vehicles – The DeLorean Time Machine and hoverboard*
  • Three new costume sets – Marty McFly, Doc Brown, Biff Tannen
  • Hill Valley 2015 Background*
  • Amped Up ’85 Guitar Jetpack*
  • Standalone event leaderboards
  • New theme song

* are included in the “Future Bundle” (USD $9.99)

The update is live now on Google Play for you to install, so grab your hoverboard and skate on over and grab it now while it’s free.

Jetpack Joyride
Jetpack Joyride
Developer: Halfbrick Studios
Price: Free
Source: Google Play.
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Darren Ferguson

I’ve noticed that this app has gone from the free roots and now is just being milked with more and more IAP’s.