Vodafone are doing great things in the mobile market; they’ve been lowering price, working with manufacturers to get great deals on mobile phones to customers, introduced new plans, upping data limits on existing plans and now they’ve improved the list of countries you can take your Aussie Vodafone mobile to and simply pay $5 per day to have your phone with your number in your pocket.

Vodafone Red Roaming is great if you make a lot of trips overseas; a number of us use it when travelling for business and pleasure. As foreshadowed at their network briefing in August, Vodafone has now added India, Fiji, Malaysia and South Africa to their list of $5/day roaming countries.

Its great progress on a great offering to their clients, hopefully for regular travellers there will be more to come in the near future.

Have you tried out Vodafone’s $5 day global roaming feature? Share you experience with us

Source: Vodafone Australia.
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Have used it in New Zealand and Singapore so far. Much easier and cheaper than using local sims, and still allows others to keep in touch easily. Easy to use, after you land at the airport your phone comes up with a welcome to ( whichever country you have arrived in) and away you go! The reverse applies when you return to your home country. Couldn’t be easier ! Great service! My OZ plan has 5Gb so plenty of data and if I go over cost me $10 for extra Gbs, same as back home. Also can still use any… Read more »

Shahil Prasad

Saved yourself the cost. Get off at nadi, walk straight into the voda store and get a sim. 15 fjd for the sim and you can get them to convert the value into data packs. 4g access and about 1.5gb that lasts for a week. Have to register though. Voda do all the work.

Similarly with Malaysia get a local sim, that cost 20 Malaysian dollars for 4g access. 2gb data as well. Can’t remember the name of the network though.
Nfi on safrica or india though.

Phill Edwards

I’ve used it in a number of places. It was generally good, except for Rio de Janeiro during last year’s world cup where the network was diabolically bad. Certainly good value.


I assume post pay only??