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Samsung Galaxy View Logo
If a massively over-sized tablet has been missing from your life then the upcoming Samsung Galaxy View may be right up your alley. The tablet was teased at the end of the IFA launch of the Gear S2 Tizen smartwatch and it’s hit benchmarking site GFXBench showing a number of specs, including the massive 18.5″ screen.

Normally we’re pretty wary of these claimed hits on benchmarking sites, but if noted leaker Evan Blass (@evleaks) is saying it’s legit, then you can be fairly confident. The tablet has a fairly underwhelming FullHD (1920×1080) resolution listed for that 18.5″ screen. To go with the underwhelming resolution is the inclusion of a lower end Exynos Exynos 7 Octa-core processor, 2GB of RAM and what would seem to be 32GB of onboard storage, though a microSD card slot would probably make its way into the spec list there.

Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 2.45.31 pm

Rounding out the spec list is a 2MP Front-facing camera – that’s right, there’s no rear camera listed – and a light sensor but no other sensors listed. Wireless will see the usual array of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS.

The Galaxy View seems to be quite underwhelming when looked at as simply a list of specs. Samsung may have a completely different story or use case for the tablet when it launches though. If launched as a waterproofed device it would make a perfect kitchen companion for a shared family hub type setup, but really we’ll have to wait for the launch.

Source: @evleaksGFXBench.