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If you’re a fan of Crossy Road, the game from a couple of Melbourne Based developers, that took the world by storm a while back, well there’s a follow-up game out now called Shooty Skies – unfortunately it’s only available for iOS users. But fear not, because it’s coming to Android too according to the developers.

Much as Crossy Road gives a passing nod to classic game Frogger, Shooty Skies gives a distant glance at games like 1942 but with Mighty Games own unique visual style and a more 3D visual style. The official description in the iOS App store says the game has ‘Colorful pilots, Adorable enemies, Epic bosses and Colorful, adorable, epic loot crates – and based on the trailer/gameplay video it looks ‘Ace’.

The game has been out on iOS since the 29th of September but they’ve obviously been asked a few times about Android availability because they’ve updated their FAQ with an answer about Android availability and they’re replying in comments on their Facebook page that the game will be coming to Android ‘soon’.
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We love a good game, so we can’t wait to see Shooty Skies on Android as soon as their little coding fingers can get it to us.

Have you played Crossy Road? Are you ready for another game?